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Winter tricycle adult commute snow tires

For the people adult north-west Europe, not used to heavy snow, it was a bit more than how to fuck bbw Not commute strange, because code red means: Not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and the United Kingdom schools and airports were temporarily closed and many people worked from home, because public transport had to cut back services on many routes.

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In Noord-Brabant all bus services completely stopped for a few hours. The trains run with big delays, but as always: If it helps against the rain it must help against the snow as well.

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The last time I wrote about snow on my blog was in January And yes, it has been that long since we had winter considerable amount of snow, at least here in the south. No wonder people really had to get accustomed to snow again. Fortunately, the cycleways were brushed and sprayed with brine even before many roads were treated.

That mixture of water tricycle salt quickly melted tires residual snow after the brushing, which meant the cycleways could be used again without the risk of slipping and falling in the icy conditions.