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I remember being spanked in public

I remember being spanked, but I don’t remember for what | ParentsSquare

Were you spanked as a child? I really don't want to hear about it if you've been spanked as adult. I also spanked my kids.

Once each time for the twins, and about five or six times for the youngest she was hardheaded, like her mother. Heck, we talk about all being of things here, we might as well talk about this.

JW kids: How old were you when you stopped getting spanked?

Do you think that it's wrong to reinforce with pain? Do you think that public is nothing wrong with it? Seems like a bit spanked a controversial subject in some circles. Sometimes you need to get remember kid's attention, big time, and a smack on the butt is the best way to do it, but it should be used very sparingly. Worked on me, worked on my kids.

Big people should not hit little people.