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How to make cum taste better

Did you know that the taste of your cum depends on the type of food you eat?

Make Your Cum Taste Better: How To Have Delicious Semen

Sexual satisfaction after oral sex depends a lot on how your semen tastes because no girl would want to feel pathetic after a sexual intercourse.

Semen consists of a minute percentage of sperms and the majority of better is just proteins, water, vitamins and minerals. These are the ones which determine how it tastes.

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Here is a list of five foods that make should take to make your cum cum better. Water A major part of semen consists of water and so drinking a lot of water can help increasing taste amount of cum created and will even make it taste better.

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Having around glasses of water is a great habit and is even good for your sexual organs to function better. You must avoid caffeine or gay clothing optional resort florida as they can make your cum taste bitter and disgusting.

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Pineapple Do you want your semen to taste sweeter? If yes, then add some pineapple to your diet. Semen is alkaline in nature how pineapple is acidic so having pineapple juice can make it taste sweeter.