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A naked hillery nude Hillary Clinton nude in New York, igniting fury amongst astrid hentai galleries in the area. On Tuesday morning the statue depicting the Democratic candidate with hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her chest appeared outside of the Bowling Green hillery station in Manhattan's financial district.

The New Hillery Daily News reported nude the protest art was clinton for less than three hours before a woman clinton publicly expressing her anger to the artist. Nude Clinton Trump statues are popping up places and people are loving it.

The video below, taken by the Daily Newsshows the a fight breaking out between a woman by the name clinton Nancy and the artist of the statue, who identified himself as year-old Anthony Scioli.

An Artist Painted Hillary Clinton Nude, And She Didn't Stop There | HuffPost

Naked statue of Hillary Clinton sparks fight in Manhattan pic. Nude footage shows Nancy, hillery employee at the nearby National Museum of the American Indian, arguing with Scioli as he makes inappropriate gestures with the statue. Nancy eventually sits hillery the statue to prevent him from doing so further. Toward the end of the footage, another woman can be heard shouting, "We are nude, we shouldn't be treated this clinton about the disrespectful display.

Unfortunately, this is not the first political statue to pop up during this presidential election.

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Naked statues of Donald Trump have also been spotted around the hillery, but, for the most part, appeared to have been met with more lighthearted reactions. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

An Artist Painted Hillary Clinton Nude, And She Didn't Stop There

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The following post contains depictions of nudity.