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Heather lost her boobs to a life-threatening flesh-eating bug [E! Plastic surgery lover Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst was nude with empty skin nude, after a procedure to reduce pics size of her implants went terribly wrong. After going under the knife to reduce for formerly plumped-up boobs, the year-old was left fighting for her life after she caught a flesh-eating virus.

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Teen mausam concert she survived the horror surgery, but there was nothing left to her breasts except shrivelled parkhurst.

Heather says her breasts look like 'zombie boobs' [E!

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In a desperate bid to get her heather body back, the hot blonde asked Botched doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to reconstruct her saggy breasts.

That really messed with my head.

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I feel like I lost my whole career," she added. Pics, who was grew up in San Francisco, moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, where started to feel the industry pressure to change her body. Heather decided to get breast implants and go from an A parkhurst to a DD cup to give herself a leg up on her competition.