10 secrets of simple family dinners

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Learn how to buy the right products!Time out to long and carefully prepared food, unfortunately, almost never there, so purchase that prepared quickly, but it is useful.This may be vegetables, poultry, eggs, etc.

Save time

you make the most for the least amount of time, if all plan ahead.Take a minute to choose a recipe and buy everything you need the night before.We do not advise you to blindly follow the recipe: experiment and simplify.For example, if the recipe uses diced garlic, just crush it into chesnokodavilke.While preparing the main course, you can prepare the salad and set the table.When you chop the onions, carrots, peppers and herbs, cut more - when you cook the next time, you will already have some of the blanks.


Using a microwave oven, you can easily melt the butter and chocolate, defrost meat or poultry, steamed fresh vegetables, and quickly warm up pre-cooked food.Ask for help from the kids - they will feel important and you will be able to spend

time together, telling each other how the day went.


Be original - even your dishes will be different from those who are willing to your mother or another family member.Experiment with your favorite recipes, do not be afraid to replace any missing products that is at hand.

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