How to make popcorn

Step 1: To start

First, make sure your corn is not spoiled, check expiration dates.From the old corn does not get done popcorn kernels will remain intact.

Step 2: Wet grain

Before roasting corn, place 1 cup of water in the microwave for one minute (then pour the hot water).So you add moisture from the steam that will ensure the effective preparation of corn.

Step 3: Stand aside and listen

Prepare a stack of corn according to package directions, but stay close to the microwave oven, so you can disable it when clicks become rare (about 2 seconds between clicks), evenif passed approximately 2/3 of the cooking time.

Step 4: Shake the bag

Once you remove the grain from the microwave, shake the pack before its opening, so all the salt and the oil is evenly distributed.

Step 5: Open the package

Carefully open the pack, so as not to get burned by steam.

Step 6: Pour a cup of popcorn in

Pour popcorn into a large bowl and enjoy the great taste!

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