How to quickly cook breakfast?

Step 1: Pre-meal plan

Prepare all evening.For example, if you plan to cook an omelet , chop vegetables.

Step 2: Prepare in advance of coffee

Modern people a cup of coffee is associated with breakfast.Save time preparing your morning coffee drink twice, pouring water into the coffee pot and adding ground coffee before going to bed in the evening.If you have an automatic coffee maker, simply set the timer.If not, all you need to do is turn it on in the morning.

Step 3: There are many things at once

While fritters are fried and brewed coffee, you can: to collect his bag, to prepare children for school lunches or make a list.

Step 4: Fans of cereals

If you do not have time to cook porridge in the morning, and you love them so, then you will also find a good option Prepare your favorite evening gruel.In the morning you will just reheat it.

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