6 ways to save time on cooking

1. Prepare meals that can be eaten several times

If you cook rice for a side dish for dinner, you can use leftover rice the next day as a basis for the cake.All you have to do - is to heat the rice, add a little butter, cinnamon, raisins and dried fruit if desired.You can also use a portion of rice as a main component in vegetable salad that is prepared very simply, and dressed with olive oil.

2. clean up after themselves

When you cook, keep the sponge or rag nearby.Instead of watching and cleaning the kitchen after cooking dinner, immediately wipe off the table and the stove - so you will save time for relaxation.

3. Use kitchen appliances to facilitate and speed up the cooking

to home affairs did not take away a lot of time , place the cutlery in the order you - so that when you fry, simmer, fueled by everything you need was right at yourhand.

4. Creativity

Surely, you are guessing about some creativity may be involved in the kitchen ?!Well, look!Suppose that for each day of the we

ek you will have a thematic menu, such as Meatless Monday, Wednesday or strange fish Friday.So, every day you'll save a lot of time planning the menu!

5. Treat advance and freeze

You can reduce the time of cooking dinner, if you pre-clean, narezhete and freeze fresh vegetables and fruits.Moreover, since the products will remain fresh longer, retain their beneficial properties, the vitamins and minerals.

6. When you do not know what to cook, cook soup!

You left should always be dried beans, bouillon cubes, and canned vegetables.Add the vegetables to them (of course, pre-thawed and fried in vegetable oil), some rice - and the soup is ready!Now you can get a well-deserved rest!

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