Festive table: what to prepare for the New Year 2014?

Rabbit baked with Provencal herbs

King New Year's table in 2014, will certainly be a rabbit.You can braise and bake in wine, sour cream, cream and herbs.

Rabbit add water and let stand for several hours, if the meat is not young.Carcass wash, divided into portions, marinated in spices and leave for 20 minutes.Fry the meat in a pan with vegetable oil until golden brown, then put in a baking dish.Top with potatoes, sliced ​​into thin slices, grated carrot, onion half rings.Pour over the meat and vegetables with sour cream, sprinkle with Provencal herbs and place in preheated oven to 200 degrees.Bake for 1 hour, and then turn off the oven dish left to languish for another 20 minutes.

Mini pita rolls

basis for snacks is a thin Armenian lavash and cheese - cheese or melted.A filling may be quite different: salads, cold meats and salted fish.It turns out tasty and very beautiful!For rolls with red fish, you will need:

  • 2 sheets of lavash;

  • 300 grams of salmon;

  • 400g cottage cheese;

  • herbs (dill, cilantro, arugula, basil).

sheet of thin pita divide into 3-4 parts.Each part individually liberally lubricated cheese, sprinkle with finely chopped greens.Red fish cut into long strips.2-3 strips put into the prepared pita bread with cheese and roll twist, tightly clutching a sheet of lavash at the junction.It is necessary to cut off the jagged edges of the blank, and then cut the resulting roll to circles of the same size.Cheese will not allow rolls to pieces and the filling is vysypletsya.By the way, it can also be done Lavash rolls with chicken .

Salad "Snake»

main highlight of this salad - in the design.Suitable in fact any multi-salad that you can lay out in the form of a snake.We offer you the following recipe:

"& gt;

  • 400 g mushrooms;

  • 300 g chicken;

  • 3 cucumber;

  • 200 grams of sausage cheese;

  • 4 eggs;

  • mayonnaise.

To decorate:

  • olives;

  • gherkins;

  • lettuce;

  • carrots.

Fry the mushrooms in a smallamount of vegetable oil. Boiled chicken cut into small cubes. Cut the eggs and cucumbers. Mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise. On the platter put fresh lettuce, salad form a snake. Cut the gherkins into thin slices and place in a snakeskin.Carrots can make tongue snake, and bits of olives can be used for registration of the eye.

Enjoy your meal in the New Year!

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