Simple recipe for pickled cucumbers

There are many simple and complex recipes pickles , they obtained in different mistresses did not like each other.Someone who likes to go for the gusto, and add red pepper, someone not imagine this snack without cherry leaves and so on.

offer you a simple recipe for pickles , in which you can make changes to your liking.

You will need:

  • small cucumbers, preferably straight from the garden;
  • drinking water;
  • salt (large) and sugar (in each jar with a capacity of 1 liter - 1 tbsp. L. Both);
  • -protsentny vinegar 75% (in each jar with a capacity of 1 l - 1 h. P.);
  • herbs and spices: pepper, dill, garlic, leaves of cherry, raspberry, currant, and others.

preparation of pickles:

To start a good rinse cucumbers neatly trim the edges (not very much), cover with cold waterand so leave for 2-3 hours.

Prepare spices: garlic, dill, currant leaves, and others.Garlic is clean and leave the slices.You can take it higher or lower depending on your own taste, typically lacking two or three cloves on a qu

art jar (they are also very tasty).Collect the leaves of raspberry, currant and leaves and thin branches of cherry.Sometimes also add oak leaves.All this will make your pickles more crisp.Dill take mature, with stems and umbrellas (he needed when cooking brine).

Tightly lay cucumbers on clean (sterilized) banks , to evenly distribute the spices, leaves and garlic.Pour the boiling water to the brim, so leave for a few minutes.In a large pan, drain all the water, add about a cup of water in reserve, put on fire.Lower back umbrellas and dill leaves, which have been, cook for five minutes and get back.Now add sugar and salt, wait until they dissolve and add the vinegar.

Boil the brine and pour into banks up to the top, close the cap.

Ready clean jars in the cupboard, and the next day - in the cellar, or any other place not very hot.

This simple recipe pickles will be ready in 2 weeks, but they can stand or the whole winter.

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