How to pickle cucumbers in banks: Recipes mistresses

How to pickle cucumbers in banks . Secrets ideal salting

clean containers. This condition is paramount in order to get a tasty pickles.Sometimes, because of dirty containers pickles are obtained tasteless and even deteriorate.Glass jars should be washed thoroughly (with detergent or baking soda) and sterilized over steam or in the oven.

cucumber varieties. Not all are suitable for pickling cucumbers.For these purposes should be selected special fruit varieties, which are small and thin delicate skin.These pickles are high in sugar and obtained incredibly tasty.If you are good in grades, prefer Vyaznikovsky, Nezhin cucumbers and Murom.If not, then be guided by their appearance.

Correct seasonings. choosing spices to your future pickles, guided solely on your taste.But do not forget about some of the subtleties.Spices must be harvested immediately before salting.Otherwise, they lose all vitamins and essential oils.The stems of greenery must be pretty rough.Do not abuse garlic - it makes

less crunchy cucumbers .

quality water. too hard water cucumbers will give an unpleasant metallic taste, and too soft will make them lethargic.So choose for salting spring or purified bottled water.

Sort by size.Before t it to ak pickle cucumbers in banks , sort out their largest.One bank collect cucumbers roughly the same size, because small cucumbers are pickled faster ones.

sharp cucumbers and basil

These pickles have a sharp piquant flavor and spicy aroma of basil and tarragon.

for three-liter jar, you will need:

  • cucumber medium size (as will fit);
  • 1 pod hot pepper;
  • few sprigs of basil;
  • small bunch tarragon (also known as tarragon);
  • few umbrellas dill;
  • 2 medium garlic cloves;
  • 1 small root of horseradish;
  • desired, you can add a few leaves of currants or cherries.

Cucumbers peresloite spices and pour brine (based on Article 5. L. Of salt and 2 tbsp. L. Of sugar per 3 liters of water).Leave on for 5 days.Then, drain the brine, skip through cheesecloth and boil for 5 minutes.Then pour the hot brine over the cucumbers.Banks with cucumbers pasteurize about 30 minutes at 90 ° C.Then close and refrigerate.

Pickles with celery

celery cucumbers will give the original taste and flavor.

for three-liter jar, you will need:

  • small cucumbers (about 1.7 kg);
  • 3-4 sprigs of celery (choose more shoots);
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • 4 umbrella dill;
  • handful of parsley;
  • pepper.

Cucumber Sandwich spices in a jar, pour 5 tablespoons.l.salt and 3 tbsp.l.sugar.Pour boiling water over the cucumbers.Wait until the bank has cooled brine, boil it again.Then fill the jar again, roll up and cool-down lid.After complete cooling cucumber can be put in the cellar.

Now you know, how to pickle cucumbers in banks , and your household certainly happy to eat spicy pickles.

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