The best recipes of smoothie blender

smoothie ingredients can be mixed in any proportions and combinations according to your taste.And how many of these cocktails are lush!

Recipes smoothie blender

  • Mix 1 juice, 100 g strawberries, peach (pitted) and peeled banana.Add a little cinnamon.
  • Orange clear of stones, banana peel.Place the fruit in a blender bowl and pour 2 tablespoons.milk.Then, add another 1/4 hr. Liter.ground ginger.All whisk.
  • In the bowl of a blender pour 100 grams of frozen black currant, 1 peeled and sliced ​​banana, 1-2 tbsp.l.currant jam or honey (sugar).Then pour 100 ml of milk and 150 ml of water.All whisk.
  • 100 g of ice crush to snow conditions, add 100 g of seeded watermelon flesh and 0.5 ch. L.honey.Whisk.Ideal for hot summer.
  • 150 grams of pumpkin pulp cook for a couple, cool and put in a blender.Add 2 tbsp.l.lemon juice, 2 and peeled ripe persimmon, tangerine juice and 1 hour. L.vanilla sugar.Whisk in the lush and air mass.

Smoothies - wonderful breakfast option .We present our options for a nutritious smoothie, ideal to start an active day.

Smoothies breakfast

  • "& gt; Smoothie with blueberries and green tea. 2 bags of green tea brew a cup of boiling water and cool. In a blender, combine cooked tea, 2 cups frozen blueberries, 2 tbsp.l. Whole roasted almonds, 350 g low-fat yogurt, 3 small cubes of ice and 2 tbsp. l. of ground flaxseed. Antioxidant smoothie is ready.
  • Chocolate-orange smoothie. Grate zest and squeeze the juice of one large orange. Warm300 ml of milk and dissolve in it 100 g of chocolate, add to the mix a little cinnamon or nutmeg. In a blender, whisk 100 ml strong coffee and 2 bananas. Add the orange juice and milk chocolate. Once again whisk. Pour into glasses and garnish with grated chocolateand orange peel.
  • Smoothies with cookies. Prepare 250 ml of orange juice and freeze it.Put in a blender 200 g previously cleaned and chilled peaches, 200 g strawberries, 200 ml milk, frozen orange juice, 5 ice cubes and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey.All whisk.Then chop into crumbs 6 pcs.shortbread and add to smoothies.Mix and pour into glasses.
  • Smoothies with cheese. Mix in a blender 120 g of granulated cottage cheese (5%), 220 g of strawberry yogurt, a few strawberries, a handful of black currant and a pinch of dried mint.
  • Mango smoothies cereal. In the bowl of a blender, place 1 tbsp.melon pulp, 1 pulp, 300 ml of previously frozen milk, 1 tbsp.cornflakes and 2-3 tbsp.spoons of honey.Mix a small first and then at high speed.

summer - it's time cleanse the body of toxins .And this will help us all the same smoothie.

Antioxidant smoothie

  • 2 tbsp.grapes, 3 kiwi, peeled 1 orange, 1 aloe leaf, red leaf lettuce 5, 2 tbsp.water.
  • 2 tomatoes, a bunch of dandelion leaves, salt and water.
  • 1 cucumber, a bunch of spinach, 2-3 stalks of celery, a bunch cilantro, 1 tbsp.water, salt.
  • 1 seedless grapes, 1 orange, 1 banana, a bunch of lettuce, 1 tbsp.water.
  • 1 mango, 1 pear, a bunch of nettles, pigweed, plantain.
  • 1 banana, 100 g watercress, 1 cup of water.

Such green smoothies are rich in fiber, which absorbs harmful substances, as well as chlorophyll, cleansing the blood.

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