Hepatic fritters with potatoes

preparation and selection of products

most important thing in the process of cooking pancakes - choose the liver.The main criterion in the selection of products for liver pancakes - is freshness. most tender and delicious liver is considered to be a young animal.Fresh product should have a sweet, pleasant smell . for the goods to be a special stigma, which indicates good quality. When buying frozen liver is necessary to check the packaging, it should be sealed, pay special attention to this, since such a product can not be thawed several times.

Hepatic fritters potatoes


  • beef liver ( 1 kg ),
  • potatoes (3 pcs.),
  • flour (1 cup),
  • eggs (3 pcs.),
  • garlic,
  • mayonnaise.

Method of preparation:

Skip liver through a meat grinder, along with onions and potatoes.In a deep container mix the resulting mince with eggs, garlic, mayonnaise and salt, mix well.Fry the pancakes in a frying pan.These pancakes are like meatballs.

This dish is cooked very quickly, the liver can not overdo.

finished dish served with greens, mayonnaise and garlic

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