Hepatic fritters with carrots (fotoretsept)

Hepatic fritters with carrots


  • carrots,
  • chicken liver (350 grams),
  • egg,
  • milk;
  • flour (3 tablespoons),
  • onions (1-2 pieces),
  • spices to taste: pepper, salt, ground coriander (by ½ teaspoon).

Method of preparation:

Hepatic fritters with carrots

Chicken liver softer pork and beef, so you can use the blender.

Slice the onion and fry gently, then add to it grated carrots.

Mix liver, eggs, spices, carrots, and then pour into a cup half a cup of milk.Add a little flour, about 2 tablespoons.spoon.Thoroughly mix all.Weight should resemble cream.

Fry pancakes on medium heat on both sides.Ready liver pancakes with carrot need to put on the cloth to get rid of fat.

Serve with greens and vegetables.Bon Appetit!

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