Cold milk mushrooms salting

In Russian gourmet g ruzdi long been firmly won its place as a delicious and flavorful mushrooms.Interestingly, in some countries (mainly in Europe) are not considered edible mushrooms and mushrooms are not allowed to free sale.

fact, mushrooms can be called conditionally edible mushrooms.This means that their use in food may but tasty and they become harmless only after a given pretreatment.These rules our mothers and grandmothers perfected to give to us.Shiitake eaten boiled, fried, pickled, added to meat and soups.Well, we'll learn today cold salted milk mushrooms.Cold milk mushrooms salting takes more time than hot, but you get a tasty, fragrant and crunchy pickled mushrooms.

Preparation of mushrooms in cold salted milk mushrooms

Due to the fact that mushrooms are indeed conditionally edible mushrooms - contain gorchaschie and irritates the mucous substance - before salting these mushrooms must be soaked in cold water.

before soaking the mushrooms should be thoroughly washed and

cleaned.With a knife, remove the foil hats, dust core of the fungus.Rubbish from the plates of mushrooms can be easily removed with a toothbrush under running water.

Once you have cleaned the mushrooms, lay them in an enameled container and soak in cold water.Water may be acidified and podsolit based 10 g of salt and 1/4 lemon or 2 g of citric acid per 1 liter water.Thus mushrooms soak for 2-3 days, twice a day, changing the water.Black mushrooms contain more gorchaschih substances which are much harder to get rid of, so the mushrooms are soaked up to a week.After this time, the mushrooms can be salted.

cold milk mushrooms salting

soaked mushrooms, rinse well under running water and begin to lay in a pre-prepared containers: barrels or jars, the bottom of which poured a small layer of salt.Hats lay down and sprinkle with salt (40-50 g per 1 kg of milk mushrooms), paving the spices (garlic, onion, dill seeds, currant leaves).When the containers are filled, cover them with a clean cloth and set on top of the weighting agent.Mushrooms will allocate the brine and to condense.

After 2-3 days mushrooms report to the same rules.Report to the mushrooms until they cease to be compacted, and the cargo is not clean.If the brine is not enough in the tank with mushrooms, you can add boiled water and increase the pressure load.Place the blank in the cold for 30-40 days. After this time, mushrooms you can lay on the banks and bring to the table.

Many experts recommend salt mushrooms without spices, only to lay the mushrooms currant leaves.Then, as they say, mushrooms retain their natural flavor.Spices, they are advised to be added only at the time of unfolding mushrooms on banks after salting.You can try both options and choose the one that you like more.

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