Hot pickling milk mushrooms

rare feast complete without delicious salty milk mushrooms - so much they love our countrymen that even restaurants in other countries include the menu pickled mushrooms with sour cream to treat Russian tourists.Interestingly, in Europe, mushrooms are considered inedible mushrooms, although in fact correct to call them conditionally edible.Conditionally edible mushrooms - those mushrooms that can be eaten without harm to health only after a certain pretreatment.The secret of this treatment, we will share with you today, telling about hot pickling milk mushrooms.

hot pickling milk mushrooms especially good when you bought mushrooms are not sure that they are sufficiently clean for example, that they are not collected along the way.

Preparing for hot pickling milk mushrooms

Since mushrooms contain large amounts of bitter caustic liquid before cooking they must be soaked in cold water for several days (2-3 days white, black - 7 duehigh content of bitter taste).Before soaking the mushro

oms must be thoroughly rinsed under running water and cleaned of leaves, earth and grass.In this top film with mushroom cap must be removed with a knife.

also brush the sand from the land records of the fungus under running water - this can be done easily with a toothbrush.Large mushrooms can be cut.After that we put the mushrooms in the enamel bowl and soaked 3 days, changing the water twice a day.

Salting milk mushrooms hot

soaked mushrooms pull out from the tank and rinsing well under running water, cut into large pieces. hot pickling milk mushrooms assumes you mushrooms before salting.Put the mushrooms in a pan with cold water and bring to a boil.Leave the mushrooms to simmer for 7-10 minutes.During cooking mushrooms constantly remove the foam.Then fold the mushrooms on a sieve or colander and allow to drain water, and fungi - cool.The water remaining after cooking, pour until she might need when pickling if mushrooms give enough juice.

Cooled mushrooms tightly fit into the pre-prepared dishes clean rows, sprinkling spices and salt.As a spice, you can use fennel seeds, onion, chopped garlic and currant leaves.

filling container, cover it with a cloth and place on top of the load.Remove the mushrooms in cold or cool place - refrigerator, cellar, vegetable store.A month later, mushrooms are ready, and they can be placed to the banks.

submitting pickled mushrooms on the table, you can add them chopped onion and feather onions, sour cream and fresh lemon.Mushrooms can be cooked as you like: to use as a self-cold appetizer, used as a filling for pancakes, served with hot boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, add to the pickle or even make cakes with salted milk mushrooms.Delicious and flavorful, the mushrooms will decorate any table, and the hostess was praised by the most sophisticated guest.

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