How to pickle mushrooms

Each family has its own special way of, how to pickle mushrooms. In preparation of this popular and very tasty snacks there are some subtleties that you need to know.

You will need:

  • fresh mushrooms;
  • salt (40 g per 1 kg of milk mushrooms);
  • garlic;
  • greens (cherry and currant leaves, horseradish, dill umbrellas, black pepper).


So you face a basket full of mushrooms, and you are thinking about where to begin salted mushrooms ?The first step is to cut the legs (they are usually thrown away), rinse the cap under running water and save them from adhering sand and other debris.Sometimes, it may require the use of the brush.

Getting rid of bitterness

Shiitake initially have a bitter taste, which is why in some countries they do not even consider edible.In fact, before, how to pickle mushrooms, they need to properly prepare.To do this, you can either soak the mushrooms or boiled.Each method has its pros and cons.

to soak mushrooms, place them

in a large pot hats down and cover with cold water so that it completely covers the mushrooms.The water was changed twice a day and 2-3 days mushrooms will be ready for salting.

To Boil the mushrooms, put them in boiling water for 20 minutes and then fold in a colander.After that mushrooms can add salt.

What salted mushrooms

best containers for pickling black or white milk mushrooms - an oak barrel, in the absence of which it is possible to use a conventional 3-liter jar.First salt sprinkled on top spices (garlic cloves, currant leaves, and so on. D.), Then a layer of milk mushrooms caps down, then the salt, and so on until the end of the can.Cover the top of your snack by a piece of horseradish, and then - a clean rag.Substitute under oppression and store in a cool place (refrigerator or cellar).

amount of salt can vary depending on your taste.As a rule, the hostess put salt "by eye".

If you solite mushrooms in the bank, to find a suitable yoke is easy.So often the hostess doing everything in a large enamel saucepan and ready mushrooms laid out on the banks.

mushrooms will be ready in about a month, although many housewives like to reserve a jar of salted milk mushrooms until the first snow, thinking that it was by this time they are really delicious.

recommend to get acquainted with Ryazan, Altay and other recipes salty milk mushrooms.

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