How to make a tincture of chestnut

Before, how to prepare a tincture of chestnut , it is important to learn to distinguish edible chestnut and horse chestnut.Externally, these trees are very similar, but by their fruits you can easily tell them apart.The shell of the edible chestnut densely covered with fine spines, while the horse chestnut - sparse short spines.Fruits edible chestnut baked, fried, boiled, cooked side dishes and souffles.But herbal medicine use only buckeye.

chestnut tincture on alcohol , and teas from all parts of the tree horse chestnut are used in folk medicine since ancient times.Their properties are well understood and proven.At the end of the XIX century chestnut drugs already sold in all pharmacies in Europe.And now, many pharmaceutical companies produce drugs with an extract of horse chestnut.

active substances contained in the fruits of horse to Ashta, tone vein, improve blood circulation in the capillaries, reduce blood clotting, prevents blood clots and resolves already formed.Therefore, th

e main use of the chestnut was in the treatment of varicose veins.In addition alcoholate chestnut n rimenyaetsya pain in the joints, gout, migraine, multiple sclerosis, prostate adenoma.

How to make a tincture of chestnut

To prepare the tincture of chestnut, can use the whole ripe fruit, peeled prickly skin.The drug will be effective if used only for liqueur crushed shell of brown chestnuts and medical alcohol.The dose of a tincture should be halved.

Recipe: 10 whole fruit or 50 grams of crushed shells fill with 0.5 liters of vodka.Insist in a dark place or a bottle of dark glass.Shake daily.After 2 weeks, strain the finished tincture.


Take tincture of chestnut be 3 times a day for half an hour before meals for 20 drops to a glass of water.When varicose veins or joint pain can be further compresses to the affected area.

30-40 drops of tincture will relieve a sudden attack of headache, and regular use will improve the blood supply to the brain, and to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques.But do not get carried away. course of treatment should not exceed one and a half months. Prolonged use of horse chestnut (over 2 months) face bleeding and cramping.


Do not drink brandy chestnut if you have poor blood clotting, low blood pressure, gastritis, kidney or liver failure, disrupted menstrual cycle.During pregnancy and breastfeeding chestnuts can also be used only for craft.

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