Turkey fillet on the grill

You will need:

  • fresh turkey meat (if necessary defrost);
  • 100g softened butter or margarine;
  • 100 g teriyaki sauce;
  • salt, pepper, garlic and other seasonings to taste.

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carefully obmazhte turkey fillet softened butter, salt, arch pepper, garlic andother spices to your taste.Tightly wrap the pieces in foil and place on the top shelf of the grill.The small form lay teriyaki sauce, add your favorite seasonings and pour water so that it filled about three-quarters of the total volume.Put the form on the lower tier of the grill under the breast.Prepare meals in the minimum power for an hour, turning occasionally breast.

In order to form a brown crust, remove the foil for 10 minutes until cooked meals and add capacity.

Do not take the form of a sauce, it is necessary to ensure that the meat turned out juicy and tender.

To understand whether the turkey is ready, pierce it with a fork, the juice should be clear, not pink.

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