How to cook chanterelles

Chanterelles - delicious and nutritious mushrooms, cook them very simply, and it is a pleasure to eat.They have a very appetizing aroma, and they are low in calories, but their nutritional value is very high.Here we will talk about that, how to cook chanterelles.

Top tips for those who want to cook chanterelles

Before cooking chanterelles, you should know that they are made up of water by almost 80%, so very strong decrease in volume duringcooking.Measure the required amount of mushrooms with that in mind.

There are many ways of cooking chanterelle , but the most popular dishes - fried chanterelles stewed chanterelle soup.They are not conserved in the winter, and prepare fresh: they are very tasty and fragrant.

Chanterelles do not require soaking, and it is very easy to clean.These amazing mushrooms can simply take, wash and cook.Roast them rather quickly, within 30 minutes.

Before cooking chanterelles , usually, while evaporated on a dry frying pan, expelling them

from the excess fluid.This fluid can be put out chanterelles, but tasty all the same chanterelles cooked in butter with incredibly delicate taste.

And below are some simple and tasty recipes.

Chanterelles fried in sour cream

loved this dish for taste, aroma, satiety and ease of preparation.Fry the chanterelles in butter (cream, of course), but for 10 minutes until cooked, add a few spoonfuls of sour cream (no sour cream can take the cream).Snack gives a very flavorful and satisfying.You can apply both independently and with mashed potatoes, fried or boiled potatoes, boiled rice, buckwheat and fried cabbage.During cooking, you can add lava leaf, garlic, allspice and fresh herbs: parsley, basil, dill.

A few simple and delicious recipes chanterelles in cream read here.

chanterelle soup

main order of chanterelle soup: first fried chanterelles with onions and carrots, then threw them into the water, put the last potato.This is the foundation, but it, like the designer, you can collect a variety of options of soup with chanterelles.You can create your own unique recipe for the soup if:

  • take water instead of the usual chicken or beef broth;
  • instead of water or broth take milk or cream (to be creamy soup);
  • fry mushrooms and onions and carrots in cream;
  • add favorite spices and herbs;
  • add vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans (vegetable soup diet will);
  • will fry the onions and carrots separately from chanterelles, and then chop the onions, carrots and boiled potatoes in a blender - get soup;
  • add the broth a few grated processed cheese - get cheese soup (2-3 cheeses - light cheese soup, cheese 5-6 - thick cheese soup).

Fried chanterelles in winter

When eating fragrant fried chanterelles, inevitably begin to think about how to cook chanterelles winter.There is a little secret.Thoroughly brown the mushrooms in oil (this time the plant), may even without salt, spread in portioned containers or plastic bags and send it in the freezer for deep freezing.When you want to enjoy delicious roasted chanterelle mushrooms defrost (better not do it in the microwave, and at room temperature) and fry in butter for 15 - 20 minutes.

Bon appetit!

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