Soup salty milk mushrooms

For one serving of soup salted milk mushrooms you need:

  • pickled mushrooms - 50 grams;
  • potatoes - 50 g;
  • carrots - 20 g;
  • onion - 40 g;
  • butter or vegetable oil - 20 g;
  • sour cream or mayonnaise - 40 g;
  • bay leaf, dill, salt and pepper.


Wash and chop the potatoes, carrots and onions in centimeter pieces (about), put in a small saucepan, add water (it should be higher than the vegetables for about 1/2 cm) and cook,until everything is tender.Now chop the vegetables to a state of mashed potatoes with a conventional tolkushkoy or blender.

For soup salted milk mushrooms need to boil the mushrooms separately, pre-cut them into thin slices.Add pickled mushrooms to your soup, mashed potatoes, put to the same butter and spices and mix well.The dish is almost ready, it remains only to once again bring it to the boil and then leave the lid on for 15 minutes.

Already plates soup salted milk mushrooms need sour cream and sprinkle with herbs.In addition, with pack of salted milk mushrooms can add turnips and celery, and the finished dish sprinkle with parsley and other herbs.Some do not like the soup and leave pieces of vegetables, and even add to the same egg noodles.Many housewives pre-fried onions and carrots.

How to pickle mushrooms?Read here.

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