Frozen mushrooms


main thing is what determines the taste and appearance of the final product - frozen honey agaric - quality raw materials.Honey mushrooms intended for freezing must be young, fresh and healthy (not spoiled or worm-eaten).Otherwise, it is likely that frozen mushrooms should be thrown out.

Be careful not proglyadite poisonous false estimates of location.


second stage of the preparation for freezing honey agaric - thorough cleaning.If mushrooms are clean enough, they can not wash , but very carefully inspect for the presence of leaves, grass and earth.If the mushrooms are very dirty, of course, better wash them, but not for very long as they quickly absorb moisture and freeze a large amount of ice.Washed mushrooms lay in a colander to excess fluid drained and then dry on a napkin.


Honey mushrooms desirable freeze entirely, since they are mostly small in size, and in the preparation of whole mushrooms look beautiful and appetizing.If you find

a very large mushroom, if you wish you can cut it.

Honey mushrooms can be frozen and fresh and boiled.Fresh mushrooms after cleaning spread out on a baking sheet or board and remove a couple of hours in the refrigerator.When the mushrooms freeze, sort them in bags and then store it in the freezer for storage. Frozen mushrooms manner perfectly retain their shape and taste.

Boiling honey agaric

often boiled mushrooms for cooking, which are not very attractive appearance: the broken and damaged.

to boil mushrooms, dip them in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes.Then fold in a colander, cool, and immediately lay on the packages, displacing the package maximum amount of air to save space.These mushrooms after defrosting will cook faster than fresh.

Cooking mushrooms

When cooking mushrooms can be spread on the pan or in a pot or pre-frozen thawed.Just remember: thawed mushrooms are not intended for storage in the refrigerator, they should be prepared immediately after thawing.

Stored frozen mushrooms at -18 ° C.Shelf life at this temperature mode - 1 year.

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