Preparing for winter: compote Ranetok

compote Ranetok - nice and tasty drink that you can drink with pleasure all winter.It is full of scents of summer, it contains vitamins, so necessary in the winter, and the taste of fresh Ranetok for a moment you will return in the summer in the midst of a frosty winter day.Recipe compote Ranetok so simple that anyone will cope with it fit, even if he had never cooked anything more complicated eggs.The pleasure of a tasty drink can not be compared with anything.

recipe for homemade compote Ranetok

Step one: preparation Ranetok

From Ranetok the winter you can cook delicious and healthy fruit drinks.It can be Ranetki from your garden to garden or purchased.Inspect Ranetki: those that are not credible, must be removed - you do not want the worm-eaten fruit compote turned out?

better if Ranetki will be about the same size.When Ranetki away, they need to be well washed, to remove branches and put in a colander to glass water.Then do Ranetka punctures on each toothpick at the base

- need to peel does not burst when you pour boiling water Ranetki.

Step two: check the ingredients

addition Ranetok you need other ingredients.If you have or currants chokeberry - very well, you'll need it, but if it is not at hand will be, it does not matter, you can do without it.In addition, make sure that you to have enough sugar: compote should be sweet.

Step Three: sterilize jars

For laying Ranetok you need sterilized jars 2-yl and 3 liters. Sterilize jars most conveniently in the microwave.Simply wash with soda cans, pour them about 1 cm of water and put in the microwave for 5 - 7 min.The three-liter cans that do not fit in, you can put to one side (do not forget to add water !).Covers are sterilized in a saucepan of boiling water for about 10 minutes.

Step Four: cook syrup

To fill Ranetki, you need a sweet syrup.Cooking should be so.In a saucepan pour the water and add sugar at the rate of 300 grams of sugar per 1 liter of water.Mix everything and bring to a boil.

Step Five: laid Ranetki

While the syrup is heated, put in sterilized jars Ranetki about a third volume.To make a beautiful color and flavor to our compote add to the banks, or a handful of currants chokeberry.

Step Six: Ranetki pour syrup

After Ranetki spread to banks, fill them with hot syrup and leave - Let stand up a little bit.Then poured syrup cans back into the saucepan and bring to a boil again.Once again spill syrup on the banks and close lid.You can use the screw (Twist) lids and roll up the banks.

Step Seven: compote ready

Ready overturn banks bottomed up and leave until cool.When banks have cooled, you can remove the fruit compote for storage in the cellar, a refrigerator or other cool place.

If banks have already come to an end, and even Ranetok cart and a small truck, make of them charlotte - she is preparing for just 40 minutes, and certainly catch the fancy of your family and friends enjoy.

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