Recipe tincture chestnut

Horse Chestnut - is not only recognized as a folk remedy, but also a component of medicines sold in pharmacies.That is the benefit of the application of the chestnut in the treatment proved popular not only experience, but also experts in the field of medicine.There are many recipes for tinctures chestnut. prepare the tincture will help you cope with illnesses.

Benefits chestnut liqueur

known that the chestnut has a number of health properties.If there are problems with blood vessels , the infusion of chestnut help to solve them.The fact that drugs based on chestnut tone venous vessels, strengthen them.If the capillaries are too thin and need to reduce their permeability, it is also used for the treatment of chestnut tincture.Chestnut tincture is useful not only for the vessel, but also for the cardiovascular system.It affects the dynamics of blood formation and helps reduce blood viscosity.Tincture is particularly useful in pathologies of the circulatory system.

Application chestnut

chestnut tincture helps ease the flow of many diseases.The problem many people - varices.Varicose not only hurts, but also spoil the view of the legs, which is particularly important for women, because nobody wants to wear skirts and dresses only in the floor, not shorter.Affliction modern - gastritis too subservient tincture of chestnut: chestnut helps eliminate gastrointestinal diseases.When Ā«femaleĀ» diseases , for example, when mastitis and uterine fibrosis, tincture Chestnut will also be useful and will contribute to getting rid of these ailments.In diseases of the liver and pains in the joints chestnut is used as a healing agent.

Recipes liqueur chestnut

various liqueurs from fruits, flowers, leaves and bark of horse chestnut are used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, digestive disorders, gout, rheumatism, vascular spasm, female diseases.Liqueurs are prepared from both the fruits and leaves with flowers.Chestnuts tend to insist on the water or vodka.

tincture respiratory diseases

2 to grind chestnuts and pour their 1 tbsp.of boiling water.Next, prepare medicines, insisting it in a thermos for 1 hour.The finished tincture take 2 tbsp.l.5 - 6 times a day.

tincture when uterine fibroids

need to roast chestnuts (procedure resembles the process of roasting coffee beans).It is important to ensure that the fruits do not overcook.Then you have to grind toasted fruit powder.Pour the fruit of boiling water in a ratio of 1 tbsp.boiling water for 1 hour. L.chestnut powder.Take 1/3 Art.3 times a day.

Chestnut also has a calming and hemostatics impact.

Infusion of leaves of chestnut

3 tbsp.l.leaves of chestnut pour 1 tbsp, boiling water and infuse for 1 hour.Next Ready infusion filter and take 2 tablespoons.l.5 times a day.Recommended for use in uterine bleeding and other.

Recipe tincture chestnut pain in joints

chestnuts (10 pcs.) Pour a glass of vodka and insist in a dark place for 10 days.After preparation of tinctures to make compresses on the affected area lasting 1 - 2:00.

Infusion of flowers

Flowers chestnut pour warm boiled water in a ratio of 1: 15. Cover the container with the infusion and let 3 - 4:00.It can be drunk as a tea to 2 st.v day.It helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

You can also buy medicines made on the basis of horse chestnut extract, at a pharmacy.

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