How to cook pumpkin jam with orange

Most joyfully orange pumpkin - a symbol of fertility.Still Life pores harvest unlikely to do without colorful pumpkins.It is easy to grow, it is stored for a long time, and to transfer the useful properties of pumpkin can be a long time ... But a lot of flavor and scent of pumpkin did not like.How to be?Are excluded from the diet solar tykovku family? No way.Experience shows that even the most ardent opponents of the pumpkin can not resist it, when you combine in one product queen orange plantations with other orange fruit: orange.Amber pumpkin jam with orange looks absolutely stunning, incredibly delicious smell and easy brewed.

Recipes such jams may differ from one another the ratio of ingredients.Some people prefer putting more citrus, someone like the predominance of the pumpkin.Some add more sugar than others.Very interesting taste and aroma is obtained, if at the end of cooking, add to the jam pumpkin with orange ginger .


1 kg pumpkin pulp take from 2 to 5 oranges

.The more citrus - the less feel the characteristic smell and taste of pumpkin.The total number of oranges, you can add 1 lemon.The amount of sugar may also vary from 800 g to 1.5 kg per kg of pumpkin-orange mixture.The more sugar, the better it will be stored jam.

process of making jam pumpkin

Pumpkin need to peel and seeds, and citrus - scalded with boiling water along with the zest.Then skip through a meat grinder and mix in an orange mass of all the sugar.Future jam with orange pumpkin should be left to stand for a while under the hood to dissolve the sugar began to stand out juice.This method allows you to add water, which then would still have to be evaporated.

After half an hour you can start to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.Cooking continues until the until the sugar is completely dissolved.When the sugar has dissolved and jam with orange pumpkin still liquid, then it can be a little Cook until desired consistency.By the way, this time the kitchen will be filled with divine fragrance, and home will sniff and ask, "What is it smells so good?Is orange marmalade? "

Spill ready jam with orange pumpkin should be hot.Keep refrigerated.

Amber, though laden with the August sun, jam pumpkin is great as a standalone dessert.And as a filling for pies is just perfect, only need to add a little starch to baking jam does not.Pies are obtained - Yum!And the pumpkin in them is not felt.

Bon appetit!

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