Jam of Ranetok: all the tricks of cooking

jam from Ranetok on winter days will remind you of summer: the aroma of apples will warm you in any frost.It is equally loved both adults and children.Today we tell you how to cook the most delicious jam from Ranetok .

recipe for jam from Ranetok

per 1 kg Ranetok you need 500 grams of sugar and a little water.

Wash Ranetki (, inspect, remove worm-eaten) and fold in a colander, let drain a little water.Net Ranetki need to fill in the pan (if a lot of them will suit enamel basin) and add water: about 2/3 Art.of water per 1 kg of rennet.Ranetki put on a little fire and leave for 40-50 minutes. Ranetki have "evaporated┬╗ , that is to become soft (you can check out a couple of apples pierced with a toothpick).

If Ranetki well steamed and become soft, take a metal sieve (preferably with large cells) and wipe through Ranetki with a wooden tolkushkoy.So you get rid of the tail, bones and skin, and jam will tender.

Rubbing Ranetki, add to the resulting mass of sugar. Mix all together in a pan and put to boil on low heat, stirring regularly.Jam need to boil until you get the consistency that you want posluchit: someone like liquid jam, and others like it when it is thick as jam, and holds its shape.While the jam boils, prepare sterilized jars.

When you decide that the jam has the desired consistency, it can spread to the banks.Expanding jam, roll up the banks or close screw caps, flip up bottoms and put to cool in a dark place.

When banks cool, consider that the jam is ready.

Stealth preparing jam from Ranetok

If you do not want to wipe Ranetki through a sieve, then before the start of their steam thoroughly, can be cleaned Ranetki: tails and remove the stem and remove seeds.Steamed Ranetki scroll in a meat grinder. Plus this way - simple.Cons: more waste, less gentle turns itself jam due to the fact that the skin is also "going to work".

jam and jam Ranetok can wa p it and in multivarka. D To do this, cut and peeled Ranetki to grind in a food processor or meat grinder, this puree add the sugar and wasps tavit to dissolve an hour and a half.Then, all mix well and place in multivarku.First, select the "roasting", and after boiling multivarku can be switched to "low pressure."After 15-17 minutes, you need to let off steam and put jam on the banks.

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