Caviar squash with tomato paste

Recipe Pumpkin eggs with tomato paste

To prepare squash caviar with tomato paste you will need the following products:

  • 2 kg zucchini;
  • 500g carrots;
  • 500g onions;
  • 100 grams of tomato paste;
  • 1/2 head of garlic;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

So, the first thing Rinse zucchini and peel them from the skin (if the fruits of the very young can not clean).Then cut the slices and scroll through a meat grinder.The resulting mass Put squash in a pan, put on the stove and cook over moderate heat for about 3-3.5 hours.Do not forget to stir constantly zucchini, as they can easily burn on, and this taste of the future will be spoiled eggs.

While preparing zucchini, prepare the remaining ingredients.Carrots and onions and clean as well as squash, crush using a grinder or blender.Fry the carrots and onions separately on well-heated oil.Garlic Crush chesnokodavkoy.

The finished hot, add the zucchini sauteed carrots and onion, garlic, salt and pepper.All mix thoroughly

and place the eggs in hot sterilized jars .Just roll up.

Acute squash caviar with tomato paste

If the taste of classic squash caviar think you deflating, cook eggs acute : it diversifies the usual dishes.


  • 6 kg zucchini (peeled);
  • 3 tbsp.vegetable oils;
  • 3 tbsp.tomato paste;
  • 2 tbsp.sugar;
  • 2 tbsp.water;
  • 4 tbsp.l.salt;
  • 1 tbsp.garlic (minced);
  • 1 ch. pepper;
  • 4 tbsp.l.Vinegar (70%).

Squash peel and seeds, if they are large.Then chop and mince.Cooked Pumpkin mass lay in an enamel bowl, add water, oil, tomato paste, sugar and salt.All stir and cook over medium heat 40 minutes, stirring constantly.If zucchini have rather large, it may require less water and more time for preparation, since they produce more juice.

About 10 minutes until cooked add the eggs passed through spadefoot (or grated), garlic, red pepper (ground can be replaced by half a chopped chili pepper) and vinegar.

Cooked eggs should be pre-packaged in sterilized jars and roll.It is advisable received canned wrap in a blanket until cool.

The eggs can be cooked with green tomatoes on Azerbaijani prescription.

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