Delicious filling for rolls of pita

Spicy lavash rolls - it's a great snack on any holiday table, if properly pick them stuffing.More on this below.

How to prepare rolls of pita?

Before you know what filling for rolls of pita better is to find out how to prepare a snack.In preparation, there is absolutely nothing complicated.First you need to buy pita.It should be a sheet, a thin and always fresh, as stale collapse is not very convenient, and delicious rolls will not receive.Then you need to put on pita bread stuffing, and then twisted roll.His hands must be sealed, wrapped in plastic film or in a bag and put into the refrigerator to cool down a little bit and he froze.Then you need to cut the roll into slices and serve.

filling for pita roll: what to choose?

So, which can be filling for the rolls, if there is any unusual recipes , which will please the household and guests?Here are the few win-win.

1. Filling out cheese, crab sticks, garlic, eggs, greens and mayonnaise. should be finely chopped greens, cheese grate, c

hop sticks crab sticks and crush the garlic in the blender or chesnokodavilke.The egg should be boiled and too grate.Now you need to mix all the ingredients and put an even layer on a pita.

2. Filling of cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. necessary to grind the cheese with mayonnaise, chopped garlic and chopped herbs.Do it best in a blender, and thus can be simultaneously crushed all at once to mix.

3. Next filling for rolls of pita consists of mushrooms, onions, melted cheese and greens. Mushrooms and onions should be cut and fry in vegetable oil.Just chop the greens.Spread on an even layer of cheese pita, and then lay out the rest.

4. stuffed salmon, fresh cucumbers and greens. Rybka cut pieces, like cucumbers, green chop.You can put on pita bread stuffing and wrap it into a roll.

5. You can also use sprats and butter and cheese. Sprat need to mash with a fork and cheese grate.Then mix everything and spread on pita bread.

6. stuffed ham, mayonnaise and pickles. Ham and cucumber cut into sticks.Pita bread with mayonnaise grease, and then lay out the other ingredients.Done.

7. For the following recipe will need these ingredients: smoked sausage, eggs, mayonnaise and Korean carrots. Boil eggs and grate, and the sausage cut into small cubes.Now mix it all with mayonnaise and Korean carrot and use as a filling.

8. Next filling for rolls of pita involves the use of meat, onions and hard cheese. Minced onions should be fried in vegetable oil.Cheese rub on a coarse grater.Then all you need to mix and spread on pita bread.

9. take creamy soft cheese, garlic, parsley and red pepper. Garlic is necessary to grind and add with the chopped herbs and pepper to cheese, then mix everything to the state of a homogeneous mass.The filling is ready.

10. Another option: shrimp boil and clean, and chop the garlic.Then spread it on pita bread with a thin layer of butter , and then lay out the shrimp with garlic.Done!

general as a filling, you can use virtually any ingredients: seafood, vegetables (fresh, marinated or fried), mushrooms, all types of cheese, meat and much more.

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