Roll from lavash

lavash rolls made on the same principle: preparing stuffing, wrapped in pita bread and roasted in a pan or in the oil or grilled, or cut into slices and served without frying.Today we tell about various simple fillings for rolls of pita, which can cook every woman of simple ingredients that are in any refrigerator.

Recipes Lavash rolls without frying

lavash roll with fish

For the filling need any red salted fish and parsley.Fish are placed plastics, sprinkled with parsley.If there is a cream cheese, you can add a little bit.We wrap, cut into slices.

roll pita bread with sardines

basis stuffing - any canned fish.You can add boiled egg (chopped or grate), fresh onions, fresh grated carrots, canned corn.Wrapped in pita bread and cut into slices.

lavash roll with crab sticks

Crab sticks should be frozen - so they are easier to grate.Mix grated crab sticks, cream cheese, boiled egg (chopped) and sour cream.The taste you can add herbs and salt.The filling is rea

dy, it can be wrapped in pita bread.

lavash roll with mushrooms

Take all the mushrooms and fry them carefully in oil (can be fried with onions).For 5 minutes until cooked, add the mushrooms 1 - 2 handfuls of grated cheese.The cheese melted and filling is still hot, it should rather be wrapped in pita bread.Then rrulet cool in the refrigerator (about 15 minutes) and sliced.

roll pita bread with salty milk mushrooms

Take pickled mushrooms, finely chop.Add sour cream and crush a few cloves of garlic.Mix well and serve.

roll lavash with burritos

for a perfect filling any vegetables: surely you have in the freezer is a few packets of frozen vegetable mixes.Choose one of them or mix vegetables several, stew in a frying pan until tender in any of the sauces: tomato paste with allspice, in cream and cheese, sour cream, simply with butter and spices, soy sauce, mustard and wrap inpita bread.

roll pita bread with cream cheese and herbs

Take any cream cheese, feta cheese, suluguni, cream cheese, or a semi-liquid cheese.Mix it with cream until smooth (you can add cheese).Add chopped fresh herbs (parsley, dill, basil) and mix well.Season with salt to taste and wrap in pita bread.

roll lavash stew

can be wrapped in pita bread stew vegetables beef, lamb, pork, chicken.To pita bread was not too dry, add the cucumber and mustard.

roll pita bread with fresh vegetables

Prepare a regular salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and sour cream or cheese.Squirt lemon juice.Let stand for 5-7 minutes stuffing that came out excess fluid.Liquid drain and then spoon the salad in pita bread.

lavash roll with Korean carrot

addition to acute Korean carrots, in the stuffing, you can add chopped canned squid or boiled fish.

Rolls of pita with frying in a pan or grill

roll pita with cheese

The stuffing includes shredded cheese, you can also add boiled or fried chicken, stewed on a frying pan the onion, ham or salami, herbs and garlic.Stuffing is wrapped in pita bread roll and fry on all sides.The cheese is melted and baked inside.

baked omelet roll-

In a deep bowl, prepare the filling: egg, cheese, tomatoes, sausage, pickles, zucchini, etc.Mix, salt, pepper, quickly wrapped in pita bread until it is wet, and spread in the hot oil in a frying pan.

hot pita bread roll with fish

roll with fish preparing like a regular roll of pita bread, but now it is necessary to bake.To loaf turned out not dry, you can lubricate the sour cream or pita bread with melted cheese.

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