Daunting alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

Cocktails Halloween should be scary and mean or look scary or intimidating called.It is extremely desirable that, after they had terrible consequences: why not experiment by mixing different alcoholic beverages at random, decorating the resulting creation of a cherry and trust us.On the eve of Halloween, we have selected for you the most interesting case-alcoholic cocktails.

«brain tumor»

Despite the intimidating name and rather frightening appearance, this cocktail is very tasty.To make it, you will need 30 ml of martinis, 10 ml grenadine and the same liquor, "Bailey."

cocktails are a bit hard, so work out before the holiday to surprise everyone at the celebration flawless execution.He served in a glass of approximately 60 ml.

Daunting alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

first to the bottom ryumkok pour grenadine.Then, slowly, the knife not to mix with grenadine, pour a martini.And now the hardest thing: to put in the cocktail "brain".Baileys need to pour into the cap from the bottle, take a cocktail straw, dial Bail

eys in it (but do not drink, of course) and tighten the upper end of the tube with your finger to liquor are not spilled.Now enter the tube for exactly the junction layers martini and the Grenadines and slowly remove your finger, releasing the Baileys.It turns out "gyrus of the brain."

This was repeated 2-3 times in a way that looked like a glass container on the brain.If it did not happen, just drink the mixture in one gulp and try again (however, try to master the preparation of this cocktail for the minimum amount of time, otherwise the risk to iterate over a drink before the party).

Cocktail becomes quite weak, but if you replace a martini mix martinis and vodka (or just pure vodka), the cocktail will be much stronger.

«Black Devil»

Daunting alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

\ This cocktail on Halloween made from dark rum and dry vermouth in the ratio 2: 1, decorated with black olives.Rum and vermouth just need a good mix in a shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass and decorate with olives at the end.So themed orange cocktail is ready!

«Bloody mojito»

Daunting alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

Mix 1 serving rum with 2 portions of cranberry juice, add 1 tbsp.l.sugar or sugar syrup, 2 slices of lime and mint leaves, diluted with soda or tonic, mojito and bloody "satanic" colors ready.Do not forget to put a red crushed ice!

«Black Heart»

In a shaker, mix thoroughly 1 serving liquorice vodka and 2 servings of cherry juice.Pour the mixture into a chilled glass of martini, and it omitted skewers for canapes or ordinary toothpick, garnished with fresh raspberries or strawberries.Licorice Vodka is a must here: thanks to its black color all cocktails acquire frightening dark color.

Alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

«stingy Jack»

You will need a pumpkin liqueur (90 mL), 30 mL of spiced rum "Captain Morgan" (or both), sugar or sugar syrup and hammerscinnamon.

All this is necessary to mix in a shaker and serve in a martini glass.

edge of the glass garnish with cinnamon sugar.

accessories themed cocktails for Halloween

buy in a store of jokes plenty of plastic spiders, wash them well and freeze in tinswith water.This ice with spiders use to decorate cocktails.You can also tint the ice dark red food coloring.Such frozen bright red cubes decorate even a glass of mineral water.

Daunting alcoholic cocktails for Halloween

and the edges of glasses can be decorated with red jam and Do syrup or pre-soaked in red sugar syrup.

If your holiday involves children or those who are planning after the party to drive, cook for them mocktails.

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