Secrets mistress: how to get rid of gnats in the kitchen?

fruit flies, fruit flies, it is that in Greek means "lover of water" is one of the most well-studied organisms in science.However, these best friends geneticists somehow do not cause positive emotions of a conventional holder kitchen space, which is so fond of midges located, just like at home.

Determined to understand, how huts avitsya of gnats in the kitchen , it is first necessary to determine the origin of the winged pests.

Causes of midges

acidic environment - a favorite habitat of these pesky insects.The source can be rotten fruit or pet bowl with half-eaten food.

cause may be excessive moisture in the kitchen, or midges can get on your territory through the water pipes and sink.

plants also n eredko are the cause of midges.Insects lay their larvae in the ground, and they begin to eat the roots of plants.

help find the source of a global check-cleaning.During this important event carried out the audit and inspection of food supplies all angles.Let the

floor under the stove and refrigerator, finally, wait for the bath of the day, and all boxes and jars of jam and cereals will be reunited with their lids.

Getting rid of gnats in the kitchen

main idea here is that the ruthless destruction of the mud. All "suspected" as to throw away spoiled food, dishes and a bowl of pet promptly wash the trash can often make all the surfaces be kept clean and dry.If you deny access to midges acidic and moist environment, they soon die.

Conch is also necessary for the prevention cleaned.To do this, it is possible to fill a special chemical agent, bought in a store or do it yourself part of vinegar, soap and hot water.To be sure, yet not hurt to work plunger.

Plants can be watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or a stick in the moist soil sulfur heads down a few matches.

to get rid of gnats in the kitchen, they also caught on tape, deter strong-smelling herbs like ginger and cloves, a vacuum cleaner and suck poison dichlorvos.And when all these funds do not help, use the latter method a deadly enemy is collected in one place and kill en masse.To do this, pour a little glass jar of sweet liquid or put tarnished product and wait.When the bank is filled with lice, her sharply capped and discarded.

Another "kitchen" problem, which has largely the same reasons - the appearance of bugs in the rump .About how they bring, read our material.

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