How to make apple cider vinegar: a prescription from WomanOnly

Vinegar - is, in fact, that is the result of fermentation.And when it comes to apple, the apple juice should roam.With him as a result of complex chemical processes (such details, we will not go into), there are certain metamorphosis, and ... voila! How to make apple cider vinegar? More on this below.

What will it take?

Prepare the ingredients for the apple cider vinegar (the recipe is designed for 10 liters of finished vinegar).

1. 5 kg of apples.They certainly should be ripe.In addition, without significance grade.Better to take Antonovka or "Snow Calvin", but fit and similar.

2. 1 kg of sugar.

3. 15 liters of clean water boiled.

4. capacity of 15 liters or more containers, totaling 15 liters.But it is better to take three 5-liter cans or bottles or five 3-liter, all the ingredients to make it easier to share equally.

5. 150 grams of yeast (fresh).

How to make apple cider vinegar: step by step instructions

1. The first thing you need to put the water to boil.

When it boils, let it cool slightly.

2. As long as the water cools down, get apples.Clear them from the peel and cores do not need to absolutely all the pieces of fruit will be involved in the process of fermentation.But the rotten place or remove the need to wormholes.

3. Then you need apples grate (yes, along with seeds and everything else).

4. Water has certainly cooled.But at the time of its use, it should be slightly warm, but not cold and not hot.So now all the ingredients you need for expanded capacity.So, if you have three 5-tilitrovyh cans or bottles, in each of them you have to put a set of 1650 g apples, 330 g sugar, 50 g yeast.Then all that can be filled with water (certainly warm to active yeast).

5. Then mix everything with a spoon (it is best to take the wood).But do not go away, as will periodically climb the foam, it must be removed and set aside (not throw).When the water has cooled down, the foam can be returned to the vessel again mix well.

6. Banks have to cover the cloth or gauze and clean for 10-11 days in a dark warm place.But every day (3 times), do not forget to mix all the wooden spoon.

7. After 10 days, remember that you are cooking vinegar.Banks should obtain and strain the liquid through cheesecloth, folded several times (or cloth) to the vinegar was transparent.After that, the composition again poured into bottles, which are sent back to a warm, dark place, but this time for a month and a half.

8. Ready vinegar can be poured into bottles for fragrance and flavor with cinnamon, ginger or any other seasoning.By the way, you get about 10 liters, so you can safely treat all friends, let appreciate your creations.


There are some important details, while ignoring that cook apple cider vinegar fail.Here they are.

1. Access oxygen.This is extremely important, because without oxygen will not be fermented, and therefore nothing will happen.So cover the container lid is unacceptable.

2. Utensils.It can be plastic, glass, porcelain or wood, but not metal.The fact is that the vinegar - this acid, and the acid, as many remember from chemistry, can corrode metals.

3. And finally, the temperature.It should vary between 17-25 ° C.If the temperature condition is not met, then the fermentation will not, and nothing happens.

Now you know, how to make apple cider vinegar at home. This is not very big deal, so do not go to the store for vinegar, do it yourself!Good luck to you in the kitchen!

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