The recipe for the winter baby puree

How to preserve children's mashed

To prepare homemade baby puree taken ripe and always fresh vegetables and fruits.Rinse thoroughly selected fruits, vegetables peel.Soft and delicate fruit such as strawberries, apricots, peaches, you can rub through a sieve raw.Harder fruits and vegetables after washing and clean cut and cook until tender, or over low heat.The fruit should be boiled up until they are soft, but not too long: the continuous cooking puree darkens.

softened fruits or vegetables, wipe through a sieve or mince.The resulting puree cook for about 5 minutes and immediately pour into sterile jars or bottles;Fill up to the edge of the neck.Tara zakuporte tightly and place upside down until completely cool.

If you want to mash without precooking, it must pour into the banks and sterilized.Banks fill, leaving a 2 cm below the upper edge.After sterilization, the banks are rapidly cooled to 40 degrees.

baby puree recipe for winter plum

To prepare prune puree take any

sort of plums, as long as the sugar and the fruit was ripe.Plums are well wash, cut in half and heat in a small amount of water.Plum softening grind with a blender or grinder.Mashed-heat, without boiling, and immediately pour into sterilized jars, filling to the brim and zakuporte.Invert and cool.

Apple baby puree

Apples good wash, peel off the core and peel, cut into slices.Slices put in an enamel bowl, cover with water and simmer for 15-20 minutes.Hot apple rub through a sieve or chop the other way you want.The resulting puree again warm up and pour hot on banks.Banks immediately zakuporte, put in a bowl with hot water (80 degrees) and sterilize for 30 minutes.

love to cook fast?Then we offer you a quick recipe for mashed multivarka .

Pumpkin puree for winter

pumpkin peel and seeds.The flesh cut into cubes, add to pan, add a little water and simmer until tender over low heat.The mass was ground to a pulp, once again put on fire and bring to a boil.Hot sauce lay on banks and tighten.

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