The Mediterranean sun-dried tomatoes at home

Sun-dried tomatoes?

The ones that we have traditionally salt, pickle, juice and a twist on the tomato paste?And why not ... All the Mediterranean coast is not the first century regales this product, and we are worse?In the shops to buy dried tomatoes, of course, possible, but it is an expensive product, and what the hostess doubt that the sun-dried tomatoes at home will get much tastier than the store.One problem - until the winter of this yummy hardly worthy.But once learned how to make your own sun-dried tomatoes, you can cook them until the season is over.

What will it take

Most require time and patience, as the process is not too fast.The fastest way to cook dried tomatoes at home in a special Electric driers for fruit and vegetables.

Sun-dried tomatoes at home

In the absence of such a convenient device completelysuitable conventional oven.If it has a convection mode, the general ideal.But even in this case, you need no less than 1,5-2 hours, easy to cope with the process of

oven for 5-7 hours.Exact drying times can not be named, since everything depends on the quality and size of the fruit.

Tomatoes need to choose meaty and not too juicy, small size.You can use cherry tomatoes.In addition, it will take a large salt, olive oil, and, optionally, - spices, herbs and garlic.Juicy tomatoes better cook in its own juices.


need vystelit Baking paper for baking or cooking foil.Heat oven to a temperature of 50 to 100 ° C, not higher.Washed tomatoes need to wipe the cloth or towel and cut.Small fruit in half and larger - in the quarters.Those housewives who often cooked dried tomatoes at home, it is recommended to remove the seeds, as this significantly reduces the drying process.But if you have got a very meaty tomatoes, you can dry them with the seed.

Cut fruit spread on a baking sheet very close to one another, cut up.Sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper, if desired - a mixture of spices or peppers.Each slice need to drip a drop or two of oil, and then put in the oven.

The drying process can be considered complete when the tomatoes much reduced in size, become flexible and no longer allocate juice.If the slices have become dry, brittle petals dark brown color - unfortunately, they are too dry.

How to keep the sun-dried tomatoes

most important thing - as soon as possible to plug them in banks, or their pets eat, and nothing will save.

In principle, month and a half dried tomatoes at home can be stored in the refrigerator just packed in sealed jar.But for longer storage, better pour tomatoes with olive oil, add a little olive herbs and garlic.This oil can then be used as a salad dressing, it is impregnated with flavor of herbs and acquires an amber color.But even the sun-dried tomatoes in oil should be stored in a cool place, best of all - on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

way, if you figure out how to make sun-dried tomatoes in the oven, you can try to cook them with the help of the microwave.Unlike drying in the oven: the process takes place in several stages.First you need to put tomatoes in the microwave for 5-6 minutes at maximum power, then turn off, leave to stand for a few minutes, then get off and drain the resulting juice.The process is repeated as many times as necessary, constantly merging with dishes juice.Once the juice stops formed - tomatoes can be considered ready.But the microwave oven must be powerful enough, or at the output instead of sundried tomatoes tomato get porridge.

Ready sun-dried tomatoes can be put in salads, used in cooking meat, soups and sandwiches.

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