Grandma's jam viburnum: recipe

making jam for the winter - a great way to permanently preserve the summer vitamins.Especially useful jam viburnum , rich in vitamin C. In its healing properties, it is not inferior to crimson, so it can be used for therapeutic purposes for colds and to maintain immunity in the cold season. jam viburnum can drink tea, add ice cream, pancakes and watered them pancakes.Berries for jam is best harvested after the first frost - they will be much less bitterness.

recipe for jam from viburnum

1. Carefully wash the brush viburnum, separate the berries from the stalks.

2. Prepare guelder rose juice - it can be done with a juicer or wiping tolkushkoy mashed berries through a sieve.

3. Measure the volume of the resulting juice.

4. Add the juice of the sugar at the rate of 300-500 g per 1 liter.

5. Put the juice and sugar on low heat, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.It is not necessary to cook the jam Kalinovoye that it does not lose its beneficial properties.Du

e to the high content of pectin in the berries, jam sometime after a simmer to thicken pleasant gelatinous consistency and keep a bright red color.

6. Ready jam viburnum pour into sterilized jars.For greater safety of the product can be further pasteurized banks.

7. Keep the jam in a cool and dark place.

Kalinovoye jam with apples

You will need:

  • 5 kg of apples;
  • 1,5 kg Viburnum;
  • 5 kg of sugar.


1. Press guelder rose juice and pour it into a container.

2. Remove the apples from the midway, they cut slices and simmer.Remove the apples from the plate when drops of apple cider syrup cease to flow.

3. Cool apple jam, add the guelder rose juice and bring mixture to a boil.

4. Spread the jam on the sterilized jars and roll up their caps.

Kalinovoye jam with oranges

You will need:

  • some oranges;
  • 1,5 kg Viburnum;
  • 5 kg of sugar.

1. Kalina loop through, rinse and mince.

2. Add the snowball lot of sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.

3. Measure the volume of viburnum, grated with sugar.

4. Add the jam orange twisted in a meat grinder at the rate of 1 pc.1 l jam.

5. Keep the jam in the refrigerator.

Magic, and also not the usual jam made Hawthorn. Try to cook him.

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