Recipe for homemade wine from Ranetok

Summer residents and those who regularly visited by their parents or grandparents in the garden area, are familiar with fertility ordinary suburban Ranetok and apple-polukulturok.Often, a single tree can collect several buckets Ranetok - here it begins checking fancy mistress: because so much fruit that just not being prepared - and jam, and jam , and mashed potatoes, delicious pies with apples, and Charlotte andOf course, home-made wine.

Homemade wine Ranetok - tasty and fragrant drink, it will appreciate you and your guests, especially since recipe for homemade wine from Ranetok quite simple, and you can easily prepare this drink.

recipe for homemade wine from Ranetok

To prepare homemade wine Ranetok, you must first prepare the fruit.Take Ranetki not wash them, just iterate to remove nekonditsiyu as well as twigs and leaves.Then cut in half and remove Ranetki core with seeds (if you want the wine has a characteristic bitterness, bone can be left).Processed apples load in the juicer

(or a meat grinder, but then after the grinder will have to manually squeeze the juice through a sieve or cheesecloth).You get a thick pulpy apple juice, liquid-like consistency of mashed potatoes.


We shift is mashed into a container with a wide neck and leave for 2-3 days.Every day 2-3 times the mass of the apple mix.On the 3rd day of leave malic weight alone for hours to mash up and compacted - then it will just remove the colander.Now, in your capacity remained cloudy juice (it's - Wort) with a thin (3-5 mm) plenochkoj pulp.The smell at this point ethyl alcohol-wort - fermentation began.

Now you need to add sugar.With the amount of sugar you should decide themselves: the more sugar you put in, the sweeter and stronger will be the wine.If you put on a liter of mash 250 g sugar, the wine will be a fortress around 12-13 °.If you put less sugar (200-220 g per liter of wort), the wine will be a fortress 9-11 ° and not sweet (ie, will be dry), and if you put more sugar (300-400 g per liter of wort)wine will be sweet or semisweet.

Select capacity

to ferment the wine, you will need this capacity, which can be hermetically sealed to prevent any contact of the wort with air - otherwise you risk getting apple cider vinegar instead of wine.For sealing, you can use clay or wax.

The vessel, which will ferment the homemade wine , must be sufficiently spacious, as it we will fill a must for no more than 40-50% (if it is necessary to try to ensure that the surface area of ​​the wort was the maximum).Fill to the wort and sealed with sealant or cover the neck (it primatyvaem tape tightly to the neck).

exhaust gas

degassing in the lid of the vessel or sealant is a hole where to insert the tube ("tubing") so that the end of it, which is inside the vessel was located there as high as possible in order tonot clogged with foam, which will rise in the fermentation process;the outer end of the drop into a glass of water 2-3 cm. Remove the container in a dark, cool place but do not touch, and as long as from the tube does not cease to leave the gas bubbles and the wine itself becomes transparent (this process can takeup to 2 months).

last stage

Carefully, so as not to raise the sediment accumulated at the bottom, open the container and hose merge wine in the bottle.Bottles sealed and exhibited in a cool dark place - let your homemade wine Ranetok configure themselves for several months, while its taste and aroma will reveal the best.

If you want to become a real winemaker, try and homemade grape wine.

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