Canning tomatoes "Cherry" in winter

Canned tomatoes "Cherry": a recipe

offer you a very simple recipe of delicious canned tomatoes "Cherry".You will need a few ingredients:

  • tomatoes;
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • vinegar;
  • allspice.

Tomatoes wash, too tightly pinned toothpick.Place in clean cans close to each other.No spices in a jar to add is not necessary.Fill the tomatoes with boiling water, and let sit for 5 minutes.To prepare the marinade Boil water and add to it, based on 1 liter of 5 hours. L.salt without top 5 art.l.sugar-topped, 2 tbsp.l.vinegar (9%), 10 of peas allspice.Drain the water from the tomatoes and then fill them with boiling marinade.Roll up, turn over and wrap up at night.

Canned tomatoes "Cherry" with basil

Ingredients (per 3-liter jar):

  • 1 kg of tomatoes "Cherry";
  • 1,5 Art.l.salt;
  • 6,5 Art.l.sugar;
  • sprig of fresh basil;
  • 1 ch. L.citric acid.

"& gt; Preparation

Tomatoes wash, fold into a clean jar, add salt, sugar, basil and citric acid. Cover the jar and put in a saucepan

with water. When the water boilsin a saucepan, add the boiling water and the jar. Sterilize 10 to 12 minutes. Then, remove the jar and roll up.

«Cherry" with canned grapes

To prepare for the winter tasty snack tomatoes "Cherry" andgrapes, take:

  • small tomatoes «Cherry»;
  • green grapes (preferably immature);
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • dill;
  • garlic.


1. Thoroughly wash the tomatoes and grapes.Garlic clean, dill, rinse under running water.At the bottom of a clean sterilized jars put a sprig of dill and a few cloves of garlic.Then lay randomly tomatoes "Cherry" and green grapes.The ratio of grape tomatoes and about 2: 1.

2. Fill the jars with tomatoes with boiling water and leave to cool (about 30 minutes).At this time, prepare the brine: 1 liter of water put 1 tbsp.l.salt without slides and 2-3 tbsp.l.sugar.Bring the brine to a boil.

3. From cans chilled water drain and fill them with hot brine.Just roll up.

Try also cook tomatoes "Yum» the original recipe.

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