"I do not want to kindergarten!"

First of all, you need to understand the reason why the baby does not want to go to kindergarten.If the child goes to kindergarten recently, negative attitude is explained by difficulties in adapting to his new environment.To process addiction was held for the baby more easily, you need to increase the time of his stay in preschool gradually.It would be good for this period take on the holiday and devote themselves to the child.

first visit

just a few days before the first hike in kindergarten, "prepare the ground", try to interest the child, tell him a few funny stories from his preschool years, set to visit: "Soon we'll go to the kindergarten,there you will meet with the teacher and the children and you play a little together. "The first day will be enough to leave the baby in the garden for an hour, for example, on a walk.If a child refuses to stay in a new environment, ask the teacher to let you accompany him for a while.Calm the baby and say, "I'll sit on the bench and see how you play."Leave

the kid with the teacher and other children, but does not go very far away, remaining in sight of the child.Day by day increase the residence time of the crumbs in kindergarten.Help him to make contact with other children.A child can bring to the garden interesting toy, book or invite his new friends the exciting game.Teach your kid to paint or sculpt something out of plasticine to the classroom the teacher could praise it to the whole group.If the baby will be surrounded by garden friendly, creative atmosphere, the child will tend to himself.

do not want to, I will not

But if you notice that a child has for some time attending kindergarten, suddenly refuses to go there, so it's not just adapt.For starters, check whether he is healthy.If the child's well-being in order, find out what challenges he faces in the garden.Maybe your child just boring.Unfortunately, the personnel issue in preschool is very serious.Not all people will agree to work for a small salary caregiver willing to give themselves to children.Often, they just "sit" with the kids due time, unencumbered by organizing leisure activities for children.As a result, children are forced to entertain themselves.If this is the problem, try to influence the caregiver or moderate.If the situation can not be changed in the garden, tell your child how to do, make a list of interesting things, let the crumbs with pencils and a coloring book or toy.If you have to send their children to kindergarten in a small age, do not be surprised sudden change in behavior and failures - crisis three years has not been canceled.

get to the truth

Sometimes kids turn in on themselves and do not want to tell parents about problems in kindergarten.In this case, you can go on a little trick.Talk to your child from the heart, tell a few stories from his preschool years, "One time I was in kindergarten teacher was angry ..." "And I once had an argument with his girlfriend and did not want to go into the garden ...".When a child hears a story similar to his own, he immediately turns into a conversation.And you, in turn, by example tell him how to deal with the problem: "The next day I brought a beautiful doll in the garden and made it up with his girlfriend."If the cause is more serious, for example, a child is ridiculed and abused or can not join the team needs to work together with the tutor.

After hearing numerous notations and parental persuasion ("all children go and you have to ...", "mother must earn money ..." and so on "), the baby is likely to put up with the need to go to kindergarten.However, it will be overcome is not the best feeling.It is important that your child really enjoyed in the garden, where he was able to find for himself something new and interesting.This requires some effort - both by the parents and by the teachers.

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