Games for young children

From birth to 6 months

Many parents believe that buying toys newborn baby does not need.This is misleading, because, despite the lack of grasp reflex, the baby is already able and willing to explore the world.At this stage, his attention is drawn to the sounds and bright colors.Within 10 days after the birth of baby monitors moving at a distance of 20-75 cm toy.By learning to miss things, the child begins to explore them through the mouth.Therefore, the main requirement for toys for infants - security.Materials must meet all sanitary standards, be non-toxic.On toddler toys should not have come unstuck and unplug small parts, ribbons and laces.

For children 0-6 months fit: soft mats for games with arcs and developing motor skills elements;mobiles (overhead mechanical toys on the bed, which are mounted at a safe distance for the baby);game centers with elements of different pattern for motor development;toys, teethers with a cooling effect;safe mirror;a set of interconnected rings or keys;so

ft, lint-free toys, plastic and glued elements;rattles;musical toys.

With six months to a year

With six months of a child's rapidly developing motor skills.He learns to manipulate objects.By learning to sit up, the kid is learning to add, open, close, throw, commensurate the size of toys, studying their shape.Attention learned to crawl toddler attract any moving objects.

for this age group are suitable: balls of various sizes and textures (not less than 5 cm in diameter), type toys pushpul (driven by the expansion and contraction), dolls, soft blocks, sorter, a set of interconnected ringsor keys, soft little animals, musical toys, fabric and cardboard books with large and bright pictures, rattles, toy musical instruments (keyboards, drums), mobile or electronic clockwork toys.

From 1 to 2 years

year old kid continues to actively explore the world around us.The acquired physical skills opens up new horizons.In the second year of life, children need toys that encourage physical and creative activity . In addition, at this stage, the child begins to imitate adults, so it becomes necessary toys recreating objects from everyday life parents.

kid will be interesting: balls of different colors and textures, type toys pushpul, children's bicycle or other "transport", cars and prams, dolls, sorter, rubber toys for the bath, soft and wooden blocks, sets for sandboxesmini pool and water toys, puzzles with bulky items, soft small animals, dolls, toy kitchen utensils and household items, house-tent, children's table and chair, safe items for creativity (finger paints, wax clay, pencils, blackboards for drawing)colorful books, toy musical instruments.

From 2 to 3 years

toys for children 2-3 years of age must satisfy their need for physical activity.In addition, kids of that age need to improve coordination and fine motor skills of hands.

In the third year of life, children can play in the plot-type games.They like: balls of different textures and sizes, building blocks and a set of Lego blocks with the alphabet, toys for playing in the water, puzzles with a small number of parts, dolls and accessories for them, finger puppets and marionettes, toy kitchen utensils and household items, kitsChildren's Art (finger paints, wax clay, pencils, drawing boards), sandbox toys, children's table and chair, tricycle, cars, doll stroller, sorter, doll house, soft, small animals, books with fairy tales.

From 3 to 6 years

three year old start to play action games, developing communication skills.The process of socialization of the child.Preschoolers love to fantasize , imitate adults.They have a sense of ownership, loved and unloved toy.Children show interest in the applied arts, love to draw and create crafts.For a child of preschool age will approach: three-wheeled or two-wheeled bicycle, puzzles of 10-20 parts, Gymnastic Area, designers, soft small animals, dolls with accessories, cars, dolls for children's theater, themed collections (furniture, doll house, fire station), setsChildren's craft, board games, books of fairy tales.

From 6 to 9 years

Younger students interested in sports games, strategy collection.They continue to imitate adults, trying to explore different areas of life.For this age group are recommended: a bicycle, roller skates with protective helmet and knee pads, tools for sports games (balls, rackets, skates), skipping ropes, theme designers with many details, puppet theater, puzzles, dolls, images, thematic sets of toys (doll househospital, hairdresser), paper dolls with clothes, sets for aircraft and automotive styling, children's art, magic tricks, games, children's books.

From 9 to 12 years

in pre-adolescence, most children already have their own hobbies and interests.They implement their activity in sports, dance and creative activities.They will be of interest: objects sports, bike, roller skates with helmet and protection, puzzles and sophisticated designers, puppet theater, radio-controlled model cars, kits for modeling tricks, children's art, board games, strategy games (Shashak, chess)computer games, children's railway, musical instruments, children's books of various genres.

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