Planning for Home Affairs

Someone tight family schedules seems the best way out of the situation: good to have a clear action plan, and do not need to invent anything on the go.And some will oppose such time management : after weeks of stress duties accumulated discontent breaks and turns into a storm of quarrels and disputes.

When children are young, parents usually do not know how, what and in what sequence to do.They hope that with the age of the child will be intelligent, but it is often the opposite: the older he gets, the more difficult to agree with him.


First you must understand what your time is spent.Make a list of things that need to perform throughout the day.Classify all daily activities in order of importance, distributing them in three different groups: the most important things (cooking dinner), the average case of significance (a walk with the baby), and the least important (restoring order in the wardrobe).Lots of time and effort to devote the most important cases.Embodying the plan into acti

on, you'll see that family life has become more systematic and meaningful.

On performance of each case set aside a certain period of time and try to keep within this period, learn not to postpone any case and not to transfer their implementation to the unknown "tomorrow."This will help to maximize focus and not be distracted by extraneous things.As a result, you spend much less power, and the result will please you.Some cases of average importance, you can postpone or entrust my husband, my mother, or someone else from the family.

Over the years, family life is sure to be formed schedule that takes into account the interests of all.Of course, it will not be perfect.Some of the planned affairs simply can not be done: it is impossible to change everything.So it is necessary to determine in advance what and from whom you can expect.At the same time, keep in mind that we all have our weaknesses: the husband likes to sit an hour or two on the internet forums, and the child - to play.However, both the husband and the children need to understand that all the things my mother alone can not be undone.

already grown up when a child asks for something to do, do not rush to fulfill his request: he himself is able to fill the bed, to get toys or wash your hands.It is impossible to the whims of the child knocked set schedule, talk to him about it.Always discuss deviations from the schedule with all members of the family: it is important to explain that everyone must be in place, and spontaneous actions are not always feasible.This approach will bring up the child restraint and in the ability to be flexible.

Save time

A lot of time, oddly enough, consuming complaints about employment and clarify the relationship with relatives on this basis.Positive results of such proceedings do not bring, but it spent a huge amount of mental and physical strength.It makes more sense to delay showdown later.Another time reserve - Reduction of long telephone conversations.View series - also waste precious minutes, and a useless waste.But you can combine browsing series with ironing and cooking.

Some household chores can be greatly simplified.Get rid of unnecessary things, move closets, throw out old furniture, clothes, souvenirs chronic, broken toys - further cleaning will take away from you is not so much time and effort.Suppose you will work appliances: turn the washing machine while you wash the floors.

The revision of the usual cases, you will find time to relax.

effect clarity

to each member of the family knew what he says, you can make a calendar (for a week or two or a month) and lead them in a prominent place.For each family member choose a different color.Thus, the husband can consult the schedule of a wife or child and to coordinate it with her.

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