The budget for the development of the child

Children are very sensitive feel a reduction of some articles of the family budget.And sometimes parents feel ashamed not to give the child the things for which he hopes.

Here are some approaches that will help pay for the child's circle or the club, thus saving on something else.With a minimum of cost reduction and the family does not suffer, and children are engaged in what they are interested.

main thing - the age

children under three to two years, will not give the best.In developing Group , likely to offer a standard set of modeling, gaming, drawing.All this can be done at home and, moreover, absolutely free.Besides the road, the company of other children and new experiences will only bore the baby.The exception is the music studio and a pool for toddlers.

children aged three to four years may be written in one or two circles.It is not necessary to visit the section more than three times a week.Sport games should not interfere with their peers and to violate the day of the baby.

great opportunities

Before you look for ways to save, it is necessary to choose the direction.Talk to your child, find out what he likes, what he wanted to do.Find out which clubs are in your city, remember that different activities have different effects on the ability of the child.Drawing develops the right brain, which is responsible for imaginative thinking, abstract, emotion, and the ability to create new things.Classes in the theatrical circle develop a sense of rhythm, memory, children learn to paint scenery, sew costumes, props tinkering.Technical circles allow the child to learn the basics skills of engineers and designers.Classes beading, embroidery and creation of dolls develop fine motor skills, spatial thinking and sense of taste.Communicating with animals (improvement of the living corner) gives love and warmth creates a favorable emotional background of the child and a sense of usefulness.In addition, there are dancing, swimming, learning English , aerobics, figure skating, athletics, football - in short, there is plenty to choose from.

Particular preference

Ask your child what activities he likes.This is important because you can put a huge amount of training the children of the piano, while he wants to take up boxing or design.

By the way, do not blame the children for what they can not identify and pass from one circle to another.Little boys and girls need to try, to experiment, to focus on one thing.Teens also are able to assess the extent of their involvement in a particular occupation.

Family budget

First you need to calculate the amount that will be required to pay for all the extra-curricular activities.This includes the cost of a visit, buying the necessary materials and sports equipment and even travel to the sections or art school.All costs should be folded and show your child.If money is not enough and the amount is too large, it is necessary to explain to him that he understood it.Young children are unlikely to understand something about the money, but the teens already know their price - they can earn some money to offer to pay for itself favorite activity.There are youth employment centers, so teens have the opportunity to get a job that does not require education and expertise (washers, promoters, etc.).

possible alternative

Some of the activities that are offered in circles, can be conducted at home, save your family budget.Of course, this will require to carry out with the child more personal time, but it will only strengthen the relationship between parents and children.For example, you can not walk on the course design in art school, and self-study at home using textbooks and online lessons.If Dad well versed in military history, he can help the child to glue models of tanks and aircraft.

Another option - to hire a tutor-teacher.It's a great way out, if a child wants to play guitar, learn French, or to study singing.

illustrative example

Show your child that he is not the only member of the family, who had to sacrifice their passions for the benefit of others.Tell us what you also significantly reduce the cost of their needs and adapts to meet your budget.

Free mugs

found in many cities there are plenty of opportunities for the development of children free of charge.If you look carefully, you can find free section, clubs and shops.As a rule, they are open at the Palace of Pioneers, houses of culture, libraries and museums.

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