How to wean kids pull all in your mouth?

Already 2-3 months of age the child is trying to explore the world around him.And the baby's mouth is directly involved in the cognitive process.As long as the kid did not start to move independently controlled process of learning easy, but once he starts to walk - keep an eye!Once the child begins to walk, parents have a quiet life ends.The child has to "catch" every second: take from the hands of the stick, pull off of the dirty boxes, pull out of the puddles and so. N. Where the child has got any that they should take, he tries to taste.Over time, close to a year, the baby begins to understand that in addition to the study of the mouth of the world, you can use other senses - the hands, eyes, nose.Here stands before parents an important task - to teach children to use these organs in the cognitive process.

Wean your baby to pull everything in the mouth is not difficult.It is necessary to show your child that, for example, a pebble or twig is much more interesting to learn hands than by mouth.You can

come up with games that develop motor skills.The child should be interested in, and then he begins to learn new things correctly.It is important to teach children to distinguish between things that can and can not take by mouth.And to do this it is advisable not categorical, and effortlessly, to the kid knew that stone, raised from the ground, in the mouth can not be taken because it is dirty.Where tastier, say, a piece of bread or an apple, her mother suggested.

to save the child from the habit all pull in the mouth, you should show him a model of proper behavior when meeting with new things.If this is not done immediately, the child can decide: "If the parents are silent, do not comment, I'm doing all right."Over time, this "right" action will become a habit that will be very difficult to eradicate.

If you do, for whatever reason, lost time, and more often notice a steady habit of a child all pull in your mouth, try to smear pepper or mustard (not too spicy) "favorite" things baby.Taking such an object in the mouth, the child begins to frown, and he lost the desire to lick it again.Now, do not miss the moment and show your child how to deal with the subject.Pick up a "bitter" toy and brought it to his mouth.But, barely touching her lips, abruptly remove his hand from his mouth and try as much as possible of disgust wrinkled.Then take a toy in his hands and put it on a mat or on a table (where it should be), or try to captivate baby interesting game with this toy.

is also very important to keep the consistency and persistence to stick to the prohibitions and permissions.If this or that object can not be taken into the mouth today, it can not be taken into the mouth and tomorrow and next week.And for this should be followed by all family members, without exception, that the situation did not arise, "and my dad allowed."Subject to these simple rules the adults, children soon begin to understand everything and cease to pull in the mouth any objects.

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