How to teach a child to independence

There is a saying: "Little kids - little bedki."And this conclusion is hard to disagree.While your baby is in the age of infants, all the worries about him are reduced to ensure him a warm, caring, loving and appropriate care.As the child grows up, added to the daily concerns are more important chores.

How to make sure that the child has grown a responsible person?To be responsible, we must first learn how to make their own decisions.If you routinely specify a child, he has to do, what to do, do not be surprised that it will take on their own irresponsible decisions.It is not enough, and an example for the education of parent responsibility.Learn something you can only experience.Therefore, the child should always have the right to vote, and in many cases - and the right choice.

Do not miss a moment

first striving for independence in a child occurs aged about 3 years .There is a new position of "I myself."Any action by the child tries to do without the help of adults.Here you are late to the kind

ergarten, and your baby does not allow him to put on shoes to help while staying in full confidence that he will cope with tying shoelaces.Of course, it is difficult to restrain and patience.And yet it is necessary.Let the little man to win one of the first in my life victories and complete the started to end.Believe me, doing something on their own to end - a very useful habit, and it is necessary to form in early childhood.

Always give your child a choice

If you are even the fact that he can perform with great success and he will be doing for the child is not required in the future when he turns fifteen years to get it going for a dirty thingshimself shrouded bed.But if you can learn the rules of the order in time, then learn how to make their own decisions, to make choices - is difficult.Do not ask the baby: "What do you want for breakfast?".But you can ask, "Do you want a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg?You will drink juice or milk? ".Choosing children's clothing store, Collect some options are acceptable to you in style and price, and the child let him choose what he wants to wear.These solutions give him to understand that he is responsible for its own affairs, he on a par with the parents involved in making decisions about his life.

School - independent life

At school age, the desire for independence increases.Now he is no longer a carefree kid, and "almost adult" people with their problems and responsibilities.When child goes to school , the number of things that he should do himself greatly increased.While in elementary school parents always check and help to carry out specified in the school house, the middle classes, it is desirable gradually to give the child an opportunity to perform all and do not control too.So it will develop a sense of responsibility for their actions: try - get the result, he reacted dismissively to the assignment - got a bad grade or failed the exam.To let things drift, of course, it should not be.However, a permanent rigid control deprives the initiative and prevents understand what the consequences entails one or another bug.

Give your child the freedom

Some parents control every step of the child fully protected him from the problems, deprived of independence: "Do not go there!It does not touch!In order not to talk! ".Child sverhzabotlivyh parent can stumble.Such parents protect a child is not so much for his sake, but for the sake of themselves.They are afraid of his failures more than himself.They'll never see it as quite an adult, able to make their own decisions.However, such a child will miss the experience.Doing only what he was told, he will not learn responsibility.Accustomed to the constant care, will not be able to act independently.Besides, he did not experience the fun of success, and this is very important.And the worst thing a child, constantly in tension, will have difficulty in communicating with other people.And eventually, if you choose this approach, you grow cowardly and insecure person.

In conversation often desirable to use a phrase that would say a child that you believe in his ability to make decisions.Instead of a simple "yes" in response to his request to say something like: "If you really want this ... resolves itself ... The choice is yours ... If you like it, I agree."

Good parents always try to give the child a maximum of independence.They feel satisfaction when children make their own choices and rely on their own strength.Just remember that everything is good in moderation.Permissiveness as well as the severe restrictions on freedom does not lead to a positive result.Understanding and love for your child to help you find a "middle ground".

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