How to punish the child

What punishment choose?

From time immemorial our ancestors used physical punishment to children.It is based on fear of feeling pain.Of course, whipping in some way contributes to the submission to the will of the parents, because during the punishment of any kid promise anything.However, experience shows that physical punishment is irritating and humiliating the child, rather than resolves the conflict.

Increasingly, mothers and fathers prefer non-physical forms of punishment.The most common of these is the so-called time-out (break, break, pause).Time-out means that the baby for some time excluded from the general classes, and do not pay attention to him.This method is used safely, without screams and hysterics, but with an explanation of the reasons for the punishment.

Like all methods of education, the timeout will be effective only when applied on a mandatory basis, on time and consistently.Children need to understand that certain rules in their lives set adults, and if they violate, follo

wed by punishment.

Some experts believe that a time-out - the most humane and gentle way to express discontent with the parent.This method is no longer applied to the individual child, but to a specific offense.Interrupting contact, parents fed the child a kind of signal: "Such behavior is unacceptable!" This method is most effective for children aged 2.5-4 years.During this period, like pulling out of the social environment, fencing off from friends, relatives and significant adults it is a sensitive punishment for wrongdoing.

timeout, as an alternative to physical punishment, may have adverse consequences, as causes resentment and negativity can develop.Furthermore, age, this method loses its effectiveness.With 4 years of age, children begin to guess what "life" to sit on a chair away from everyone, they will not, but because they simply wait out "period."So ignoring the threat is no longer force children to abandon something forbidden.

there are opponents of this type of punishment, claiming that it does not lead to an improvement in the child's behavior, but only shakes his psyche.In families where parents do not shout, do not take appropriate breaks in communication with the child and rarely threatened with violence, the children are much calmer than in families where practiced insulation.

Studies show that eliminate bad behavior more conducive to ignore, rather than a negative reaction.If the behavior can not be ignored, it is best to take the child into the room and stay with him, but in any case not to leave him alone.It should be explained that such an act can not be good that the baby will not continue to play with friends or are with other people.On your part, any important emotional reaction.

Among other nonphysical punishments are common following punishment and deprivation of a pleasant word.

Under the first usually means raising the voice.Creek is emotional burnout, the release of negative emotions of their own children, pedagogical helplessness and powerlessness.Screaming can be only when the child's actions threaten the lives of others or his own.

deprivation enjoyable (entertainment, sweet) - the most acceptable way to control the behavior of the baby.It is better to deprive him of the good than to inflict pain and suffering.

Each child has their own preferences, to be aware of.It would be nice to have a supply of small and large events for the soul - the so-called "zone of joy."Denying a child the right to participate in such festivities - a sizeable penalty.

punish the child correctly

  • adult must observe the position of senior and able to cope with their own impulses.
  • punishment should be equivalent to a misdemeanor.
  • In special cases, stopping the actions of the child, you can take him by the arm or shoulder.
  • Contact the child confident voice, looking him in the eye.
  • the penalty immediately after the offense.
  • penalty accompanied by a detailed explanation in order to prevent a repetition of the situation.
  • one offense - one punishment.
  • good rule of thumb is punished - forgiven.

If all methods fail, you should use the latter - a sense of humor.Turn everything off, try to distract the child riddles, jokes, interesting things.Soon, you and your child will feel once again excellent, and the process of education will be much easier.

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