How to save time employed mothers?

Cook clothes advance

How much time do you spend the morning on the solution to the question "What to wear?" And preparing items (ironing, cleaning shoes)?Sometimes these unpleasant lesson takes half in the morning and you do not even have time to eat breakfast?Think about your wardrobe in the evening.Check the weather forecast for tomorrow and choose what you wear.While watching your favorite evening show pat his work clothes, and in the commercial breaks wash and tidy shoes.

advance purchase gifts for children's parties

Purchase a few gifts in store, with whom your child can go to a birthday to friends.It is advisable to choose the universal gifts that will appeal to both boys and girls (books, school supplies, board games).

reduce the time spent at the TV screen

television films and programs constantly interrupted by commercials, to watch where you spend a lot of time.The commercial breaks can do any household chores, but often do not want to wake up with a cozy sofa!A good alterna

tive is to view TV programs and films on the Internet - because there are no annoying commercial breaks, rob us of precious time.

At maximum reduce the time spent in the kitchen

Do not make a cult out of food.Not necessarily every day to prepare the first, second and third individual orders households.Soups and main dishes can be prepared at the weekend for a few days in advance.Save time in the kitchen, you can use semi-finished products.A shop chops and steaks are generally poor.But you can prepare a home semi-finished products.Freeze for future use homemade cutlets, meatballs, chops, or pancakes.You can also cook the concentrated broth and freeze it in a plastic bag - it will significantly reduce the time of preparation of the first dishes.In addition to these domestic preparations, always keep in the refrigerator sets of frozen vegetables ready dough for baking, canned fish.

Create a home filing cabinet

order not to waste time searching for the required documents, place them on the folder containing the files.Take separate folders for receipts, invoices, tax documents, children's certificates, certificates and medical records.Get rid of the habit of recording everything on pieces of paper, get a diary.Regularly audit in his file cabinet and dispose of all waste paper.

Shop wisely

During the week, make a list of necessary products and goods.At the weekend go shopping in a large shopping center where you can immediately buy everything you need.This saves you from exhausting running around shopping.In addition, supermarkets often offer discounts to certain groups of goods.Pre-examine the advertising directory and find out about current promotions.

Teach your children to help you

From an early age the child must be accustomed to the order - clean up after a toy, about making the bed, neatly folded clothes.As far as possible, involve children to help around the house.Even a three year old is capable of, for example, decompose dirty laundry by color.Younger students can already assign certain chores - washing the dishes, taking care of pets and flowers.

Write yourself reminders

Unfortunately, memory resources are not limitless.Forgetting - a natural protective reaction in the emotional overload.Instead of reproach himself for forgetfulness, facilitate the task of the brain by writing a reminder on a sticker in a notebook or organizer.

arguments all matters before the end of

Hand in any case, be sure to bring it to the end.Unfinished business tend to accumulate and sooner or later will fall on you breaking load, causing apathy and a sense of his own impotence.

modern woman is able to successfully perform several social roles simultaneously.The main thing - to prioritize, allocate responsibilities and learn to manage your own time.

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