Teach children to healthy food

The sooner, the better

Think about what you are going to feed your baby, even at the stage of pregnancy and even planning.You may have to fundamentally change the eating habits of all family members.If mom and dad eat sausages, fried potatoes, daily drink sodas, you will be hard to explain to a child that steamed vegetables and oven-baked fish - it is very tasty.To achieve the desired, you must start with yourself.

Start small, for example, stop buying chips, sunflower seeds, lemonade, sausage, finding them useful replacement (fresh fruits, fruit juices, boiled meat).Try not to fry the meat and fish, and cook for them or bake in the oven with herbs.In use as a garnish salads with vegetable oil: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and so on.Well suited for breakfast oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts.Grown up child will not need to cook separately, and it is very convenient.You'll just give him small pieces of food from his plate, and gradually he will fully switch to the common table.Get

kitchen appliances that will greatly facilitate your cooking process of delicious and wholesome food: multivarku, steamer, blender, juicer.

Clear rules

If you decide to feed your baby healthy and delicious food, try not to deviate from it.Set some clear rules that everyone will follow strictly, otherwise you risk to do so, that the thought of the dinner will cause the child persistent negative associations.Gradually, he will get used to change the menu, especially if you make every possible effort to ensure that the food on the table was not only useful but also delicious.Here are examples of such rules:

  • The house should not be stored foods such as ice cream, potato chips, crackers, lemonade, chocolate and the like.If you wish, you can go to the store and buy some sweets and hazards for dessert, but you should not get involved in this, especially if the child has tendency to excess weight .
  • At the same time, try to make sure that the house was always fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh dairy products, bread and bran, dried fruits and nuts in the public domain.They can have a snack between meals.The same can be taken to school instead of sandwiches or buns from the dining room.
  • addition to the products listed above, there should be no snacking between meals.If the child at dinner not hungry, do not force or persuade him and let him go about their business and waiting until dinner.During the break, he can eat the apple, then it is likely that the next food intake, he will not be so choosy.

Creative imagination

When the child is no longer the kid and he formed certain dietary habits can be difficult to change them.Then you have to show imagination, giving food an attractive appearance.Here are a few examples of how you can you arrange children's dish:

colored vegetable pancakes with funny faces.Colored they are obtained through the use of vegetables such as carrots, beets, zucchini and potatoes.The eyes, nose and mouth can be done with green peas and sour cream.

Fruit picture. Cut fruit (bananas, kiwi, oranges, pears, etc.) in small pieces.Together with your child on a large flat plate, try to put an interesting story, for example, a ship or a house.Top pour it syrup and sprinkle with sesame seeds - from such a treat will not give up no baby.

Try as much as possible to attract a child to cooking.For example, cook with a cocktail in a blender.Let the slices folded into a bowl of watermelon, melon and pear, and then watch how it all turns into a delicious drink.Of course, such experiments should only be under the supervision of an adult.Useful Bake oatmeal cookies, let the kid himself carves circles of dough.Since the age of four, the baby is quite capable of using a plastic knife to cut vegetables or fruit on the salad.

Another idea

  • Try to make meals for the whole family.Maintain a relaxed atmosphere, discuss current affairs.These traditions have a positive impact not only on food, but on the overall cohesion of the family.
  • in the kitchen or living room put a bowl of fruit, so that everyone can have a snack in between meals.
  • Get home kefir or yogurt starter, and ask your child to ensure that it does not withered.Suppose that every day, topped up with fresh milk, then the next day you will always have a fresh dairy product suitable for drinking and salads.
  • Try not prohibit the child harm, better themselves give up on them, not to create further temptation.
  • Going on long walks or a trip, bring your only healthy snacks, because the road is always so hungry.
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