How to teach a child discipline

If parents are strict to the extent, demand from the baby to certain rules (for example, with regard to good manners and accuracy), but it all takes place in an atmosphere of love and friendship, then they will grow beautiful child.But this ideal.In reality, not everything develops in this way.

golden mean

dictators Parents believe their word - the law.Any mistake - is inexcusable, and demands an immediate punishment.Such parents are overbearing, rude, constantly condemning.The child grows up in a family or timid and zakompleksovannym or aggressive, pissed at the world.

other extreme - excessive softness.Permissiveness also leads to disastrous results.The main thing - to establish the limits of what is permitted.The kid has to know clearly what is and what is not.Knowing these limits, it will feel calmer.Parents need to be friendly, but assertive.

Step by step

main enemy of education - the inconsistency.Today, one system of education, another tomorrow.Today, everything is allowed, tomorrow pu

nished for the same action.The baby never knows what to expect from their parents.And he does not understand that he is allowed and what is not.You need to decide what tactics to adhere to education.The rules must be clearly defined.Then the child will grow calm and confident.

not in favor and to the detriment

Never force a child to do what he wants.The effect may be counterproductive.In order for your child to do what you want and think it necessary for him, he himself must want to do this.

no benefit and threats.Psychologists say that expressions such as "Try only ..." "If you do it again ..." the children perceived as a call for response.

same unsuccessful reception in education is a promise of a reward for obedience: "If you help me, I'll buy you a toy."Also here it can be attributed fee for good grades .This approach is fraught with the fact that the child is always and everywhere will begin to seek benefits, disinterested aid "just so" and other things will be a rarity for him, if not the exception.But this quality in a child can not be considered positive.

children really hurt when they are compared with other children, especially if the comparison is not in their favor.Two identical people in the world simply does not exist and can not exist.Therefore, beloved child will never become like Vanya from the second floor, as if it did not want his parents, but he did not need to.In matters of education to each child should be treated individually.Never need to customize the child to someone else's standards.

should also know how to criticize the child.You can express their dissatisfaction in some act of a child, but the child as a whole.It was an ugly act, and not the child.No need to call him stupid, clumsy, abnormal.It's no wonder they say, like a ship name - so it will float.The same goes for praise.Praise should be directed to the efforts of the child, his job, help, and should not touch the character and personality.From the words of the good work he will make a positive conclusion about himself that would strengthen his confidence.

prime example

If parents want their child to grow polite and well-mannered, you must be some requirements and their own behavior.Since the main role models - the parents.If you constantly interrupt, raise your voice, use profanity, how many would not talk about the ability to listen to and what to watch out for his speech - the child will still copy the behavior of their parents.

basis to all - love

Whatever the approach to education, its main condition must be love between parents and children.Some believe that let the children first learn their lesson, and then you can and hug.But the child should love and accept unconditionally, love not for the fact that it is beautiful, smart, well behaved, and so on, and just like that, without any conditions, simply because it is!Then rigor and softness will be perceived as an expression of love and care, so - really useful.

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