Compulsive gambling children

Before you figure out ways to solve a computer problem, you need to understand why so children like to play.

Plain and simple. all the actions that are taking place on the screen, draw the children than once attracted tales - simplicity, clarity and expressiveness of the world.The games do not need to understand the intricacies of the human soul: kill the bad, he scored points - go further.

for error. Any mistakes in the strategy, the wrong moves can always fix: simply go back to the previous stage of conservation.While in the "offline" that is, in real life, mistakes can spoil relations with others, cause low self-esteem and so on.

Variety without responsibility. Any computer game can be easily replaced with a new one if, for example, ceased to please her, or could not go.Parents do not give any importance to it: let him play in another.However, if a child tries to do the same with sectional occupations (change one circle to another) or school (go to another)?Adults will immediately inspire thou

ghts to the child about responsibility, persistence, perseverance and willpower.

identification. Unlike books and films and computer games allow the child to fully become the protagonist of the action - a strong, clever, brave.To have the same qualities in the real world, need to put a lot of time and energy to step over my pride, overcome the feeling of disappointment because of the failures, something changed his principles, and so on. D.

limitless possibilities. Children usually have little to change in their lives, as fully dependent on their parents.What are the infinite possibilities gives computer game (or the same Internet)!There - his rule.He can change the scenery, masks, names, destiny.Kids really like the role of the ruler, because in order to get what they want, they just need something to say "I want" and click a couple of buttons.In real life, it all starts with the words "I", which is much more difficult.

electronic one. computer - an interesting conversationalist, a wonderful partner for the games.He always understands not punish, not lecture, do not swear.It's easy to negotiate, unlike the living.That's why the world of virtual leaving those who find it difficult in the real world.

Return the child to the real world

So, after we have determined what attracts kids computer games, it's time to look into ways of solving problems.How to overcome addiction and pull out the child in "offline"?

talk heart to heart. to deal with a child.Internet and gaming dependency from a psychological point of view - avoiding problems.In the virtual world you can live an infinite number of lives, decide the fate, and heart to heart talk with unknown men in chat rooms, forums and social networks.

In real life it is not enough for children to communicate, and with it - understanding.Think back to when you were their age, you too often wanted to talk to parents to spend time with them, to share the joy or grief.

No matter good or bad news brought a child, talk to him kindly, and do not scold or be silent at all, otherwise it is unlikely to want to share with you something again.

Breaking template. returning from work, sweep unusually.Refer to the child for help, ask for advice, gather in a dialogue.Start your own to share their problems and achievements, and the kid will want to respond in kind.Do not criticize and do not abuse it.Children appreciate the conversation as equals, "as an adult."Use examples from the read books, watched movies and private life, to show the child that in the real world, too many interesting things.

┬źqualitative presence┬╗ . child, it is important to feel with him or not.At least a half hour of sincere dialogue will prove your love for him and his necessity.

Explore the sites visited by the child, games that often plays and try to meet their needs.Gently bring up the conversation, learn interests and make sure that they have become common.The ban on the computer rather annoy baby while your communion will create an atmosphere of trust that will allow you to more easily control it.

role model. If you do spend a lot of time at the computer, scribbling reports or scrolling web pages, it is unlikely you will get your child on the playground.Adults who are concerned only work serves not the best example.Look: there are so many opportunities for joint leisure activities.Skating, skiing, horseback riding, water parks, movie theaters, amusement parks, art clubs, sports clubs, music bands, hand-made courses - give the child the childhood without a computer!

course, to wean the child from the computer for a day, week or month is not get.The main thing - to fix flaws in their behavior and to make friends with a child who starts to change with you.

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