Bring up a child cleanliness

Millions of women every day prove that they are able to cope with all these challenges.Rather, they have to prove it.And with the appearance of children in the family of free minutes, you can forget all: constant washing, ironing, cleaning.It seems that this routine work end in there.Here the children have grown up a little, but concerns are not only not diminished, but increased with interest.In addition, maternity leave is over, and it is necessary in my schedule somehow wedge in the execution of professional duties.And assistance in the long run can be expected from anyone except her husband washing dishes on March 8 .

Stop!Why did not someone?Why not enlist all possible support from the beloved children.A child older than one year is able to make a significant contribution to maintaining cleanliness and order in the house.The main thing to be able to make this activity brought the baby fun, and at the same time fostered it useful qualities such as punctuality, hard work, organization and many o


Children Initiative

Small children under 7 years old are usually happy to agree to help around the house, especially if the cleaning is being touted as a kind of game.Performing "adult" work, the children are approaching the cherished sense of themselves as "large", the same as mom and dad.But we should not wait for the child, he will wash the floors and carefully and skillfully, as adults do.And do not be angry and scold him if he did not live up to expectations: it's forever discourage his desire to help.The main thing is that the baby tries, and any effort and work should be encouraged.A little patience and practice, and your child will learn the necessary skills and he will make an excellent assistant.The child needs to see that the house will be cleaned, the longer it will remain for joint exercises and games.

Domestic help is important not only for tired moms, but also for the baby.If up to 15 years old child had himself not even cleaned their clothes in the wash and do not know how to fill powder into the washing machine, and the unmade bed - a common thing, then there is little hope that in adulthood it will wake up the love of neatness and order.Mom can not live with their child for life and collect him scattered socks.The habit of the order must be educated from childhood, or then it will be too late.Education is the admission to work.A child under the age of 4 years are quite capable to collect and spread to places of their toys, dusting, vacuuming (fun activity), water the flowers.A child older already can be trusted to cook simple dishes (eg eggs), wash sink, independently monitor the cleanliness in his room.The order of discipline that has a beneficial effect on learning in school.

Set an example

But the surest way to instill in children a love of order and call it enthusiasm in this case - is, of course, a personal example.Children around trying to copy adults.Do not show your child that wash curtains or washing dishes like the end of the world.Another common mistake made by parents, is forced to work.It works the opposite effect: the child does not want to do what he is forced to.And even if he will sweep the floor, it is unlikely that he will do it the next day on their own.The child should he want to be helpful.

assign responsibilities to everyone in the house was occupied for which he is responsible.Just do not move the work on children, it is quickly bored, and cause feelings of injustice and resentment.And the quality of this "overtime" work is obviously better to leave. Responsibilities save your time .Now you can carve out a night time to read a book or children to bake a delicious cake (again, probably not alone) and have a fun-filled family tea.After all of the work on the house has made little helpers, and you can safely spend so valuable free time with no pots, irons and brushes, and with family and loved ones.

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